Basketball Wives LA Recap: What Happens In NoLa Airs On VH1

Can you believe that we've finally come to the finale of this season's Basketball Wives LA?  I feel like we've been watching the Jackie Christie Show for eons!  Am I right?  Needless to say, last night's show resolved nada, so we have to wait on pins and needles for the reunion!

We're back on Borboun Street, y'all, and Draya Michele is hella hungover, so she misses out on the cooking lesson with Laura Govan, Brooke Bailey, Jackie, Bambi, Malaysia Pargo, and Gloria Govan.  I'm sure that Draya planned it.  Jackie is visibly upset because she has just received a text message from her daughter regarding Laura's conversation with said offspring.  I can't tell if Jackie is wearing a make-shift beret or some kind of homemade sock hat.  Malaysia and Bambi are quick to wade in Jackie's drama pool.  Bambi is appalled at Laura's behavior.  Can someone please buy her a box set of last season's DVDs?

Over lunch, Jackie questions Laura about her intentions with her daughter.  The other ladies take their cues and leave the table so Jackie and Laura can hash out their differences.  Laura maintains a poker face while Jackie pleads her case about Chantal.  Laura admits that she originally spoke to Chantal to discredit Jackie, but after chatting with Jackie's daughter, she realized her anger towards Jackie was misplaced.  It was during her conversation with Chantal that Laura realized that she needed change her intentions.  Her master plan was to bring down Jackie, but after speaking with Chantal, she knew that revenge wasn't the answer.  Jackie is unsure of how to take Laura's confession.


Draya is suffering from a massive hangover, and Malaysia fills her in on Laura meeting with Jackie's daughter.  Draya is totally on Jackie's side.  While she can't get out of bed due to the liquor flu, Draya urges Malaysia to have Jackie's back if Laura's contact with Chantal comes up again.

Malaysia decides to confront Laura in the Big Easy about her discussion with Chantal.  Malaysia questions Laura's intentions with Jackie and her daughters.  Laura totally spins it in a positive light to Malaysia, saying that she wanted to speak with Chantal to work things out with Jackie.  Laura quickly turns the conversation into Jackie being crazy and confused about things and wanting to make something out of nothing.  Well played Laura…and Malaysia, I can't believe you bought Laura's pile of BS!

Bambi isn't looking forward to the ladies' swamp tour.  I wish Jase from Duck Dynasty was conducting this tour!  Jackie hopes that she has the willpower not to send Laura overboard to the alligators.  The Sisters Govan take great pleasure in feeding hot dogs to the gators, and Bambi is over it. Malaysia is excited that everyone finally seems to be getting along. 

The following day the Sister Govan (mainly Laura) engage in some smack talk with Brooke after running into Draya's manager the previous night…because coincidentally he just happened to be in NoLa.  Laura and Gloria are convinced that Draya went out on the town with him when she claimed she was sick.  Brooke calls Draya, on speaker, of course, and questions Draya's dislike for the Govans….while the Govans are sitting right next to her.  Brooke is totally all about exposing her friend, and she and the Govans are trying to poke a hole in Draya's "sick" story.

That night, the ladies meet with a medium for a full-fledged seance.  Jackie hopes to communicate with her mom, and Laura is shocked at how serious the situation has become.  All of the ladies get freaked when the medium seems to channel Jackie's mother.  She's no Theresa Caputo, but Jackie is still in tears.  Jackie is playing into this woman's house of cards (and I totes believe in stuff like this, but Jackie is giving this lady too much information), and she leaves the table.  Laura follows to comfort her. 

The women decide to go shopping the next day, and Draya questions the group why Gloria called her manager.  She confronts Gloria, and Bambi gets involved.  Duh.  They then engage in a back-and-forth about Brooke's magazine cover.  Good gracious!  All I want for Christmas is for these two to stop arguing about the damn magazine.  Bleeping abounds.  I wish I was astute enough to decipher it for you!

Somehow, Bambi and Gloria revisit their recent altercation, and Malaysia is running interference to make sure that no punches are thrown.  Bambi is totally on the side of the Sisters Govan.  Laura still thinks that Jackie is the root of all evil.

The ladies head to dinner in Malaysia's last ditch attempt to make peace.  Draya has opted to dress as Madonna circa 1998.  Malaysia hopes that the dinner will become a goodwill summit.  First up, Draya apologizes to Brooke for not being supportive, but it's too little too late for Brooke.  Brooke is really being ridiculous and taking this whole thing too far.  What happened to forgiving and forgetting?  Malaysia can't even referee Brooke's anger. 

Bambi then starts in on the Sisters GovanGloria listens quietly and nods.  She's clearly scared of an ass beating.  I can't say I blame her.  Gloria totally concedes to Bambi and all is well.  Jackie then confronts the group, especially Laura for having a sit down with Chantal.  She admits her wrong doing from last season, but that can't compare to what Laura learned from Chantal.  Swearing and crying ensues.  I don't want to admit that it's a really sad exchange.  Malaysia tries to comfort Jackie while Laura listens.  Draya is even in tears at Jackie's speech, and she can't stand her.  And scene.

Next week on the reunion, John Salley is back.  Shocker!  Gloria talks about her wedding to Matt, and Jackie and Laura have a heated exchange.  I don't even recognize Bambi.


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