Shahs of Sunset Star Golnesa ‘G.G.’ Gharachedaghi Dishes Details Of Omid’s Marriage Proposal

On Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi admitted that she was engaged to her beau on the show, Omid Kalantari.  She shyly flashed her bling and said that even though he proposed and she said yes, they were going to take things slow.  And given what we've seen of Omid's antics so far when he and GG are together, that might be a good idea.

Yesterday GG spilled to Us magazine about how the proposal went down.  "The proposal was very cute. I just recently was on the cover of L.A. Fashion Magazine, and on the cover, I'm wearing a bridal-style gown. [Omid] told me he thought it was a cute dress if we ever thought of getting married and [then asked] me to grab the magazine so he could look at it again." 


GG left the room and Omid put the ring next to the magazine.  "I turned around and he was right there. Then he asked the infamous question: 'You wanna do this or what?' I was laughing hysterically."  All kidding aside, she says after the giggling, he got down on his knee asked her to marry him. 

At first glance it seems like GG and Omid would be a horrible pairing, considering their drunken escapades so far this season, but on WWHL Golnesa said that she hardly ever drinks (but when she does – it's a LOT).  So what we're seeing this season is a rare circumstance, according to her.  Perhaps these two should attend a few AA meetings before they jump into some pre-marital courses.

Even though Omid is only 26, GG says that they had a connection that couldn't be denied.  "Omid is very mature for his age, but he's still much younger than me and he was enjoying the party-boy lifestyle. But one thing he and I could never deny was our extreme connection and attraction for each other. If you can't tell already, he's smoking hot!"

It takes a special man to deal with all of GG's quirks and she thinks Omid is just the guy for the job.  "He understands me on a very unexplainable level. I adore everything about him. He comes from a very good family, and they exude class. I appreciate that Omid sees past my exterior. He loves me for me. He always knows what to say to make me smile. I'm truly looking forward to everything the future holds for us. I will always cherish the man that he is."


Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/Bravo