Last night's Teen Mom 2 was thankfully less dramatic than normal.  It was a refreshing break from the normal yelling and sobbing.  Of course there were tears (after all Chelsea Houska is still on the show!), but it wasn't the normal Jenelle Evans drama.  Kailyn Lowry ended a relationship while Leah Messer started a new one.  Over all, it was a relatively low-key episode.

Jordan is still distrusting of Kailyn when it comes to her spending time with Jo.  While I can see his point with her, I don't think he needs to worry about Jo…he seems to be well over Kailyn.  The following day at school, Kailyn chats with a friend about their love triangle…and there's that flipping feather in her hair!  Her friend wants her to try being single for a while.  Kailyn hasn't been single since she was fifteen.  She basically admits that she's with Jordan for support.

Jenelle is trying to put her anger towards her mom aside so she can spend time with Jace.  His second birthday is coming up, but she can't plan a party because she's too busy lunching with friends and worrying about her parole violation.  I'm guessing she's probably smoking a bunch of weed as well.  Jenelle has decided that she's going to quit smoking and send her probation officer an apology letter in hopes of avoiding jail time.  Her friend Tori promises to quit smoking as well so Jenelle won't have to be drug-free all alone.  Sweet!


Leah is preparing to start school, but she's worried she is going to miss the girls.  Leah calls her baby-sitter to relay her class schedule.  She is excited about the cute boy she's been messaging on Facebook.  Who knew he'd end up as husband number two?

After acing her practice GED test, Chelsea decides to sign up for some real test sections.  She's stressed out about Adam's absence so she decides to call him.  He tells her to blame this break-up on her dad.  So, Adam is pretty much confirming that he only needed Chelsea when she gave him a free place to live.  She cries her clown make-up off at this news. 

After flirting on Facebook, Jeremy has given Leah his number and she's considering sending him a text.  She's worried because she always gets super serious with guys super quickly.  Heck, she got pregnant with the twins on the first night she met Corey!  Leah's concerned about moving on after Corey, but she makes plans to go out on a first date with Jeremy.  Meanwhile, Kailyn feels like she has to answer to Jordan for every little thing.  Just going out to dinner with friends turns into Jordan giving her the third degree.  She feels like she's being smothered. 

Barbara listens to Jenelle read the letter to her probation officer, and she's clearly not majoring in English.  Barbara hopes that Jenelle will actually be able to stay off the weed this go-round.  I'd say good luck, be we already know the outcome!  Chelsea is blaming her dad for getting too involved in her and Adam's relationship.  He isn't very upset to hear that the pair have broken up yet again.  Randy questions whether Adam offered to pay rent or contribute to bills.  Gosh Randy, he bought Chelsea a promise ring!  Chelsea's dad calls Adam out for being a user, and Chelsea doesn't want him talking badly about Aubree's dad in front of her.  He asks if Chelsea would be okay with Aubree one day having a boyfriend like Adam.  That's a no-brainer.

Kailyn invites Jordan over so she can break up with him again.  She thinks that they rushed into getting back together.  Jordan wants to know if she has plans to date other people.  Kailyn has no plans to do that currently, but you never know.  He's just happy they are not going to change their Facebook relationship status…yet.

Corey has the girls for the weekend, and Leah is nervous about her first date with Jeremy.  He picks her up at her trailer and takes her to ride go-carts.  It's a first date fantasy.  The pair exchanges small talk, and he admits that he knew she was a mom from her Facebook…or perhaps from past seasons of her reality show.  Jeremy also reveals that he's shared a dinner date with Corey at Quaker Steak.  He's a lot like Corey in that he needs subtitles.  It's true love.

To fill the void left by Adam, Chelsea decides to get a puppy.  Someone please call PETA!  Adam decides to get another tattoo, and he fills in his friend (and ink artist) on the woes of dating Chelsea when her dad won't allow him to be a freeloader.  There is nothing sexier than a guy with a Chevy logo on his chest.  He admits that he misses Chelsea during the day, but he likes to have his nights free to go drinking with his friends.  Chelsea isn't really studying for her GED, but she sure is talking about it a lot.

Now that she's single again, Kailyn is starting to feel lonely again.  She decides to go out with her friends as a distraction.  They all support her decision to be on her own for a while.  Jenelle drops off her letter with her probation officer, and she buys Jace a baby pool.  His second birthday party is just Jenelle and Barbara talking about the lack of a male role model in his life.  Wow.  This party blows.  At least the slip and slide looks fun.

It's Leah's first day of school, and she's nervous about leaving the girls.  After her first class, Leah calls to check on the girls.  She's informed by a school administrator that she has a package.  Leah is greeted with a giant bouquet of flowers from Jeremy.  She's beside herself.  No one has ever sent her flowers before.  Like, OMG LOL it's so romantic!

Jordan is supposed to meet Kailyn to discuss the status of their relationship.  When he's a no show, Kailyn calls to find out where he is, and she's upset to find out he's hanging out with a girl.  When she gets angry, Jordan reminds her that she's the one who wanted the break.  Jenelle is waiting with baited breath to find out what her probation officer thinks of the letter.  Dustin calls to inform her that she's been given yet another chance and she'd better not mess up this time.  Barbara and Jenelle actually have a conversation that ends with a hug instead of a screaming match.

Chelsea is as whiny as ever on the morning of her GED test.  She didn't sleep a wink because of all the stress in her life.  Give me a break.  She decides to blow off the test.  Are you kidding me?  Put on your big girl panties and stop your crying! 

Next week, Jeremy and Leah make it official, and Chelsea works to get over AdamKailyn is devastated to find out that Jo has totally moved on, while Jenelle starts dating a new guy who is not her now husband


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