Shahs Of Sunset Recap: Friendships Are Falling Apart

Last week on Shahs of SunsetGolnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi and Asa Soltan Rahmati got into yet another explosive fight. The good news: GG's earrings were saved. The bad news: sides were chosen, GG littered, and feelings were hurt. 

Hanging at Omid Kalantari's hill-side house, Mike Shouhed, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, and Omid discuss the drama. Mike is like, GG went bananas last night! 

MJ shares, "I took GG's side because Asa kept talking about Omid's nose." Mike pulls her aside and says, "Instead of you talking sense into your friend, you decide to take sides." When Mike takes issue with MJ's choice, she's all like, I'm no longer on GG's side because I'm not down with the violence.

Meanwhile, Reza Farahan and Asa are hiking on another hill. Asa tells Reza,"You f-ing missed the most epic shit. You know she attacked me? She starts taking off her earrings, and I'm like, 'What are you going to do with me? I can break you like a f-ing crispy cracker.'"  Reza and Asa are both disappointed in MJ for siding with GG

Reza tells us, "GG is like a pet venomous pet snake. They're pretty, you can feed them, you can take care of then, but eventually that snake will get you." 

Back at Omid's house, GG arrives. Omid asks GG if she wants a burger or a dog… she answer beer. Mike shakes his head, saying, "I'm watching GG come into the BBQ and I'm thinking she'll be remorseful, hung over, something.. the first thing she asks for is a beer. This girl doesn't seem sorry at all. This is no joke… she put her hands on someone."


When MJ asks her how she feels about what went down at the pool party, GG yells, "I'm tired of always being the person that looks like the bad guy. She got in my face." Cue the replay of GG getting in Asa's face. GG continues, "I pushed her back." Cue the replay of Asa pushing GG back.

Even Omid tells GG that she acted like an a**hole… and I have to wonder, is this when he decided that she was wife material? GG responds, "Anyone who talks shit about my friends… they will get my f-ing fist." 

GG tells us, 'I was so insulted by Asa's comment to Omid, so I feel like I have every right in the world to be very mad." Of course she does… GG justifies everything she does.

GG toasts to Asa looking like a transvestite; Mike tells her that's f-ed up because Asa isn't there to defend herself. GG justifies her crazy, saying, "I'm like a little watch dog and I'm going to protect you guys. I feel it in me, it comes out." MJ starts to talk. GG interrupts, telling MJ that she loves and all but she doesn't want to hear it. MJ keeps talking despite GG's warning. GG spews nasty words. Mike walks out, saying that GG needs psychological help.

Next, Lilly Ghalichi takes us to a swimgerie photo shoot. Reza and Asa stop by too. In between shots, Asa and Reza check out Lilly's suits. Reza says, "Those are not just stripper bathing suits, those are I'm getting my rent paid bathing suits, those are I'm landing my sugar daddy bathing suits. Those are bathing suits on a mission."

Lilly invites Reza and Asa out to dinner, to celebrate her swimgerie line, and adds that she'd like for MJ to join them. Lilly thinks MJ hates her for no reason, so she wants to give her another chance to get to know her. Reza calls MJ right away, inviting her to dinner, and MJ immediately gets snotty, asking if the invitation is genuine. My gut tells me this dinner isn't going to go well. 

Stepping out of her Mercedes, Asa cries that she needs to make money. I know y'all are dying to know where to send your donations… but wait… Asa has a job dream! She wants to bottom her amazing diamond love-infused water and sell it!

To make this happen, Asa meets with the water master, Shawn. Asa's pitch: "I have this vision for the most pure beautiful water for super hydration that's ever existed… diamond water." Shawn gulps.. and probably wonders if she should call security. Asa adds, "Beautifully pure alkaline water that's infused with real diamonds." Shawn laughs at her. Still, Asa continues, "And also infused with love energy. When I drink it, it's amazing for me. I want to make sure that the consumer that buys it, feels the same love. I could meditate or find a way to send the vibes to my diamond water." 

Shockingly, Shawn tells Asa it's doable, adding that she needs $50,000 – $100,000 to start. Since Asa is so unbelievably broke, she isn't happy to hear those kind of figures, but she vows to find the money.

GG and Leila meet, to discuss their hair extension business, with their dad serving as mediator. When Dad tells GG that she needs to finish her tasks, GG is snotty, making excuses, and deflecting reponsibility. Leila says to GG, "If you think you know everything and you act all high and mighty like you know everything, then you wouldn't need anybody's help and you'd be able to do your job. I have one five year old, I don't need another." GG fires back, "I have one bitch, I don't need another."

After arguing back and forth, Leila says to GG, "Why don't you go get one of your knives or tazers and show everyone how cool you are?" GG responds, "I'd love to cut your face with a knife right now, to be honest with you." Dad just sits there. Seriously!? My mind is blown! The only cutting that needs to happen in that family is Dad cutting off GG. 

GG grabs her dog, threatens to sue Leila, storms out, and drives away in her luxury car. Then, Dad has the audacity to tell Leila that she needs to find a way to communicate with GG. Did he doze off for a while? Did he not just see GG lose her temper, refuse to accept any responsibility, and threaten to cut her pregnant sister's face? Leila says, "I cannot communicate with somebody who acts like they were raised in the gutter." Dad simply says, "Enough." Leila continues anyway. Dad denies enabling GG, denies paying her bills, and asks GG on the phone to come back to the house to pick him up.

GG Dishes Details Of Omid’s Marriage Proposal

It's time for Lilly's dinner party. Unfortunately, MJ is late, and Reza takes the opportunity to tell Lilly and Asa about a time when he and MJ showered together, touched body parts, and had sex… twice. Seriously, the fashions on this show are offensive enough, I didn't need that visual too! An hour later, MJ finally shows up and immediately attacks Lilly.

MJ admits she cyber-stalked Lilly, saying, "You tweet pictures of yourself in lingerie, don't you? Oh… you were holding your dog, naked, with your dog against your bare naked breast. That's a true story, is it not?" When Lilly tries to respond, MJ tells her she's doesn't need to get defensive. Lilly responds, "I'm not being defensive, I think you're trying to be insulting." 

MJ tells us, "Hell yeah, I researched Lilly on Twitter and saw a lot of things that I just didn't like. A nude torso with her dog in her breast. I thought that was, like, pet endangerment. It's sexual. Who wants to be sexual with animals? Not me." 

Lilly tweeted: This is the photo she's talking about. It's so cute!! #hater

Lilly tells MJ it's one of her favorite photos and adds, "I'm not offended. Obviously, if I tweet something to the cyber world, I don't care who sees it. But I've never tweeted photos of myself in lingerie, but I might. I look damn good in lingerie, I'm not afraid to show it." Lilly tells us that jealous girls who dislike her for no reason, like MJ, turn her on and remind her just how fabulous she is. 

Reza pokes fun at MJ, saying, "It's good that you got over the jealous thing." MJ flips her hair, rolls her eyes, and explains her point of view, "Reza falls for girls. He has these girl crushes, and I just have to stand by and watch. It's like a flandering husband… you have to just turn a blind eye to all the little romps (waving her fingers towards Asa ) that he has." I'm sorry, but MJ is acting like a class A bitch. Reza wants us to think he's mortified, but I think his ego loves it!

Moving on, Reza says he's full-steam ahead when it comes to work. He's sporting the bright orange kerchief and storing his nuts away for the winter.. or something. Meanwhile, MJ's pace is less about storing nuts and more about tans and eyelashes. 

Reality TV Stars’ Twitter Pictures – December 15th

At the office, Reza is annoyed because MJ isn't there. Reza says "home girl is not 100% present." MJ walks into the office; Reza calls her a ghost. Reza attacks MJ's see-through skirt; MJ attacks Reza's weight gain. Reza says to us, "Did that bitch just call me fat? Does she not have a mirror at home?" Ouch.

Reza says MJ hasn't closed a deal since the 90s… Mike enters the scene via stage right… and Reza offers him MJ's desk. Not expecting Mike and caught off guard, MJ says they could fit one more desk in the room. Reza says no dice, and MJ is shocked to learn that Reza and Mike want to partner up, leaving her behind, and she leaves the room. 

Once Mike leaves for his interview, MJ confronts Reza. Upset that Reza let her be caught off guard by Mike's arrival, she says, "I'm your best friend, I'm smart, and I could give you nothing but good advice. I give you things to consider that you may not have thought of yourself – like, Mike is not a residential real estate agent."

Reza retorts, "You showed your true colors when GG went ballistic … This is about character … If someone is calling me the piece of a junk that comes out when a Muslim and a Jew have a kid, that calls me a South Beach crack head, and calls me trash. That's someone you should not want to have anything to do with." 

Apparently, GG tweeted these things about Reza a few months ago. I'm so confused. Reza changes his story – is this personal, business, or both – as often as he changes his flashy kerchief. 

Reza tells MJ that he has cut GG out of his life because of what she did to Asa (but not because of the tweets?). MJ points out that Reza left the pool party at the exact moment that his "good friend Asa" needed him the most. Reza says he left because MJ, the peanut gallery, started aligning herself with GG. Reza adds, "You're aligning yourself with a piece of shit and you're starting to stink."

MJ tells Reza that she's never going to speak to him again and he's going to die alone and grey. Before storming out of the office, Reza says, "We're going to go have a business lunch, talk about real estate, and you can make some nail appointments." On his way out, Mike tells MJ to free the baggage from her life.

Wow. I have to say, the only person I didn't hate by the end of this episode was Lilly


Photo credit: Bravo / Lilly's Twitter