Last night was a big night for the ladies of Teen Mom 2Chelsea Houska is taking baby steps to get her life in order, while Jenelle Evans seems to have found an somewhat upstanding guy.  Leah Messer moves on with a new love while Kailyn Lowry wants to live in the past.  These girls are exhausting!

We begin as Leah and Jeremy make it official after her first motorcycle ride.  When he asks about what went wrong with Corey to which she replies, "He did some things, I did some things."  Jeremy doesn't care.  He couldn't be happier that he sent that Facebook friend request!

Chelsea's friend has encouraged her to see a therapist.  Chelsea isn't ready to give up Adam, but she admits to having issues with depression and low self-esteem before Adam ever came along.

Jenelle is passing all of her drug tests, and she's back in school.  She has lunch with her mom Barbara, and she admits that she's stopped taking her bi-polar meds.  Barbara wants Jenelle to make a doctor's appointment to refill her prescription which Jenelle says she'll do "when she has time."  We all know how that turns out, don't we?  She admits to her mother that she's going to hang out with a new guy.  Barbara thinks that a new skinny kid is exactly what her daughter needs to take her mind off of Kieffer.  She praises Jenelle's more responsible attitude and agrees to let her take Jace to Myrtle Beach for the day.

When Jo comes to pick up Isaac, Kailyn is crying over Jordan.  He tries to console her by telling her any guy that would stand her up isn't worth the tears.  Poor Jo.  He can't win for losing. 


It's time for Jenelle's love connection.  She meets up with Marissa and her friend Josh.  I like how they are both wearing the hoods up on their hoodies.  At least they have that in common!  The debonair Josh kisses fair Jenelle's hand.  She asks if he knows she has a child, and he doesn't skip a beat.  No, he didn't know, but he wants to hear all about it.  Jenelle then questions whether he has a job.  Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?  Typical first date banter!  Josh's favorite kind of day is one where he gets off of of work, has three beers, and goes to sleep.  This is exciting news for Jenelle who tells him she needs to stay away from drama because she's on probation.  She then the tale of her and Keiffer squatting in the beach house with drugs.  A toddler and potential jail time?  Josh is the true winner in this date!  Why isn't he hightailing it in the opposite direction?  The hoodies are off, and Josh admits that he too has been on probation for stealing his mom's credit card and filling up his truck with gas.  That's small potatoes according to Jenelle who claims she's done the same.  "See?"  Marissa says, "I knew y'all would be perfect for each other!"  Jenelle then invites them to join her and Jace the following day at the aquarium. 

Now that Jeremy is Leah's boyfriend, she thinks it's time he meets the twins.  He is good with the girls, and the girls feel comfortable with him because he wears a hat just like their daddy.  Jeremy helps with nap time before getting in some cuddle time with Leah.  Can any of these girls go a hot second without having a guy around?

Chelsea and her mom meet for lunch.  Her mom thinks that Chelsea going to therapy is a great idea.  Chelsea wants her family and friends to know that Adam isn't the root of all her problems. 

In Kailyn's world, she's getting her hair done by her friend, and they are chatting about her relationship with Jordan.  Kailyn doesn't appreciate Jordan standing her up to hang out with another girl.  She realizes she's just been jumping from one guy to the next (well that's a start), and Jordan isn't a good emotional support for her even though he's good with Isaac.

Josh and Marissa come to Jenelle's house to meet Jace and take him to the aquarium in Myrtle Beach.  Josh is really good with Jace, but I hate how quickly these girls introduce their kids to new guys.  Jenelle complains that Barbara doesn't let her parent Jace the way she would like, nor does her mother praise her properly.  All in all, they seem to have a good and normal day. 

Corey has the twins for the weekend, so Leah is able to play house with Jeremy.  At Corey's dad's house, camo hat is making an appearance.  His dad questions his changing relationship status on Facebook.  It seems that Corey was in a relationship for three days.  Corey explains that he's not ready to get serious with anyone, and he never wants to get married again.  Of course, we know how that ends!  His dad is convinced he'll attract a slew of pretty girls and change his mind. 

While Adam's parents have Aubree, Chelsea heads to her first therapy session.  She tells her counselor that Adam's jerkiness attracted her from day one.  Now that Aubree is talking, she knows that her relationship with Adam will affect her more.  Chelsea can't let go of things, and her parents' divorce seems to have affected her more than she knows.  Her therapist encourages her to learn about boundaries on the Internet so she can better create them. 

Barbara is thrilled to hear all about Josh.  I do think that Barbara really wants the best for her daughter.  Jenelle and Josh head out on a bowling date.  Josh tells her that he used to hang out with the wrong crowd.  Jenelle doesn't want any more drama in her life, and she reiterates that she's done smoking weed.  Josh admits to doing it occasionally but promises not to bring it around her.  That's romance, y'all!

While Isaac is with Jo, Kailyn decides to call Jordan to end their relationship.  He apologizes for standing her up, and Kailyn quickly goes to into break-up mode.  Jordan completely agrees which I think throws Kailyn for a loop.  He wonders if Jo had anything to do with her decision.  Jordan wishes an eye-rolling Kailyn and Isaac well.  I think Kailyn was expecting a little opposition.

Leah is updating her friend on her relationship status with Jeremy.  She is surprised that he accepted her so quickly.  Leah wants to be the one to share her boyfriend news with Corey, although she doesn't think he'll care.  Her friend is glad that she's moved on from Corey.  Later, Leah calls Corey and he appreciates her honesty.  He remembers meeting Jeremy before, but he'd like to meet him again if he's going to be around the twins.  I do like how well these two seem to co-parent.

Josh comes over to meet Barbara, and Jenelle is in a horrible mood.  She thinks that it's because she's off her meds.  The couple was supposed to take Jace for the day, but she no longer wants to take him because she won't be sociable.  Really Jenelle?  Barbara tries to hide her disgust as Jenelle storms out, followed by a polite Josh who tells Barbara he enjoyed meeting her.  In the car, Jenelle tries to explain her meltdown, and Josh says that she needs to get to a place where she can put Jace first. 

Chelsea is telling her friend about her therapy session.  Chelsea googles relationship boundaries, and she totally fits the checklist for being dependent in unhealthy relationships.  She's still not ready to let go off Adam

Kailyn is meeting up with Jo to get Isaac, and they have a family dinner.  Kailyn shares with Jo that she's ended things with Jordan, and that Jordan didn't seem to upset by it.  Jo questions whether she's plans to start dating again and reveals that he is no longer single.  Jo asks if she wants to meet his new girlfriend, and Kailyn definitely does not.  She says she still entertains the idea of getting back with Jo, and he gently says they have come too far from that place.  She leaves the restaurant in tears, and Jo follows her out to her car to check on her.  She is sobbing about the fact that they won't ever get back together.  Jo knows she'll get to that place…he's there.

Next week, Jenelle contemplates moving in with Josh, and Chelsea thinks she doesn't need to go back to therapy.  Kailyn threatens to move Isaac to Texas, and Corey tells Leah he thinks their divorce was a mistake. 


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