Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Reveals New Tattoo; Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell Split, Party With Exes


Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry recently tweeted pictures of her latest tattoo, the beginning of a half-sleeve tattoo, on the inside of her bicep. Ouch!

The tattoo includes a pocket watch, roses, thorns, skulls, and an anchor. When asked about the meaning of the objects, Kail said, “It’s an anchor (for all those who have kept me grounded through my journey with MTV). And the pocket watch reads 10:05, the day I met Javi. The skull is for my past (skeletons in my closet).”

The tattoo reveal didn't come without criticism. Naturally. After a slew of hateful tweets, Kail responded with “I love when people think I want/need their approval to do something" and "Please, tell me more about how trashy my tattoos are & how ugly they will be when I'm 60. You don't HAVE to look at me. 🙂 #movealongnow."


This isn't Kail's first tattoo, or even her largest. Over the summer, Kail revealed a massive back tattoo, adding, “It’s for Isaac. The top says ‘To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world. I.E.R.’ like its written in the sky so we are putting an original picture of paradise around the quote as the world."

No word yet on when the second half of Kail's half-sleeve will be done.
In other Teen Mom news, Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell have broken up, which gives me a case of the sads. I really liked Ryan and Dalis together, and not just because it irked Maci Bookout (though I won't deny that gave me a case of the giggles).
Following Dalis and Ryan's split, Maci tweeted a cryptic: “It’s insane the emotions and feelings that have resurfaced these last few days. I think I’ve finally learned to feel something, anything.” 
Apparently wasting no time, Ryan and Maci went bar hopping together last weekend. No big shock there… however, at the same time, Dalis was caught getting close to Maci's ex Kyle King at a Nashville club. 
I definitely was not expecting that coupling! Dalis later tweeted to Kyle, "Wonder how much shit we will get for this! hahaha don't currrr."