When a Housewife show ends rarely does the drama go with it. Oh, no – they've got to prove they're worthy of another season, right? In the case of Real Housewives of Miami there are two very different factions of women. There is Team Marysol Patton and there is Team Karent Sierra. And to say these groups don't get along is an understatement. Warning – don't mess with Number 3! 

Following 10-hours of fighting on the recent reunion where Bravo has the autonomy to cut whatever they want the girls are scrambling to do interviews and tell the real story. Let's get started! 

Speaking to RumorFix, Karent is concerned about why everyone is so involved in her life. And she also thinks if people could just act their real age (instead of their mental one – hello High school!) the Housewives would have a whole lot less problems! 

“The word bully got criticized [by Ana Quincoces on the reunion] saying bullies are just for kids,” Dr. Teeth complained to RumorFix ” There is no age limit for bullying. So the fact that Ana was like ‘Oh you shouldn’t be using that word’ — There is no age limit. People need to act their age and just respect everyone’s opinions.” Hey – I agree. 


And as for everyone discussing her relationship with Rodolfo, Karent has a few things to say about everyone else's relationships!

“I don’t care. I live my life. I didn’t know that I was that important in these women’s lives for them to think about and talk about me," Karent dishes. "I have other priorities in life. I have a life. I don’t spend my days stalking anybody’s Facebook page like Ana did or talking about somebody else’s relationship behind their backs."

“I know Alexia [Echevarria] — I heard about her– the rumors of her husband being gay have been out there. There’s a lot of people I know that say they have proof. Do I care? No! That’s her problem. If she has an arranged marriage, if she has a man that buys her things and they arrange it and they’re happy that way, that’s not my business,” Karent reveals. SCANDALOUS! Dang!

Karent adds that she likes Herman and does not have anything against him. 

Moving on, Karent turns to Marysol! “I don’t care if Marysol got married for the show last season,” Karent adds. “I don’t care that Ana’s husband has been wanting to divorce her and she doesn’t want to sign the papers. That’s not my business.” Wow – Karent is turning into no shrinking violet. I do have to wonder if she smiled while saying all this! 

"I live my life and if they’re happy with theirs that’s all that matters. It’s been an interesting season.” 

Well Marysol took none too kindly to Karent's comment. She took to twitter to issue a little snipe of her own! 

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 8.58.29 AM

Karent also addressed the Lea Black controversy at the reunion. When asked about Ana's folder of doom and Ana's accusation that Bravo wouldn't show the "cross-examination" because Lea couldn't recover and the folder was damaging, Karent dismisses that as nonsense. 

“I will tell you — when we signed the contract with Bravo we basically sign our life away. As long as you’re mic-ed and working, you’re basically signing your life away. That contract is valid and can be held up in court," Karent reminds us.

"It’s easy once again to throw around rumors that Lea or Roy Black would have paid off someone to do that. Let me tell you, if Bravo would have aired something, I don’t even know all the mess they’re talking about… That would have been gold to ratings. Bravo is not that stupid to take something off that would have been incredible for ratings. “

I've heard the info in the folder could not be corroborated or proven, therefore Bravo opted not to air it. I have no idea, but Karent is right that if legally Bravo can get away with airing controversial matter they certainly will! 

Karent believes the folder was merely a "prop" Ana used to try and gain camera time and attention, but it made her look like a “very bitter woman.”

As for whether a second season is in Karent's future, the dentist with a publicist (my favorite HW rhyme) is on the fence. “I don’t know. I’ll have to weigh my options and we’ll have to see."

Speaking of a third season, a Bravo insider tells The Miami Herald the show will definitely be back although it's unclear which cast members will be asked back! 

Tonight is the Real Housewives of Miami lost footage episode. It airs on Bravo at 9/8c. 

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