Teen Mom 2 Recap: GEDs, Pumpkin Seeds, And Changing Needs

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Lord have mercy!  I sometimes think that Teen Mom 2 would be easier to watch if I didn't know what was going on with these girls' lives now.  Jenelle Evans seems to be hitting rock bottom this season, but we know it only gets worse.  Kailyn Lowry is now engaged even though on the show she's still pining over Jo after duping poor JordanLeah Messer is remarried with a third baby on the way (although I do like watching her and Corey try to work through their relationship…it helps me reconcile their divorce as being the best decision for both of them), and Chelsea Houska…well, she's still pretty much what you see is what you get…a lot of whining, feathers, and mascara!

Let's get to last night's episode, shall we?  Why does Chelsea need to put on fake eyelashes to take her GED tests?  I guess they take some of the focus off of those feathers.  Aubree has a meltdown as her mom flies off in a bleached haze.  Meanwhile Kailyn is leaving Isaac with Jo and his family so she can go to Texas to reconnect with some family.  When she arrives in Austin, her cousin is there to meet her at the airport.  Austin is definitely on my bucket list.  Kailyn reveals that things are stagnant in Pennsylvania because she screwed herself out of a boyfriend.

While Jenelle is back on her bipolar meds, she is still having mood swings.  She hopes that she's able to prove to mom Barbara that she's stable enough to be a positivie part of Jace's life.  Jenelle shares with a friend that, like, you know, she thinks she may have moved in with Josh, like, you know, too soon.  Um, you think?  I mean, she waited a week after dating before taking the plunge!  Now she realizes, like, you know, that he's totally immature and thinks everything is funny when it's not.  Boys!  Jenelle also wants to get back custody of Jace before her mom totally dominates his life.  Barbara like wants to like raise him the way she thinks is best, you know?  Why yes, it's called having his best interests at heart and not taking off to a Ke$ha concert instead of being a mom. 


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Corey has the girls for the weekend, and Leah is pouting about the position that her ex is now putting her through.  She is honest with new beau Jeremy Calvert about Corey wanting his family back and thinking the divorce was a mistake.  Jeremy isn't going to stick around if Corey comes back into Leah's life romantically.  Jeremy isn't about head games.  However, Jeremy is all about speaking about Jeremy in the third person.  It disturbs me so greatly how desperately all of these girls need a guy in their lives.

After she finishes her GED tests, Chelsea meets her dad and Aubree for some celebratory hibachi.  The only thing missing from the onion ring fire volcano is a skinny, tatted, incoherent punk to share it with…oh, memories!  Aubree is just the cutest.  I sincerely hope that Chelsea never practices on her hair.  Chelsea whines about never having another date again and questions dear old dad as to whether she'll have to work while in beauty school.  Of course not, honey!  Chelsea hates the thought of putting Aubree in day care, but her father reminds her that Aubree needs some little friends.  Chelsea sticks out her lip and sadly whines that she is Aubree's friend.  Um, Chels, I think your dad meant she needed some more mature friends pals her age. 

Leah needs to figure out her love pentagon (I added in the twins for good measure), so she calls Corey to find out if he really misses her or just doesn't like that she's found someone else so quickly.  She heads to his house for a sit-down.  They have a teary yet positive conversation that shockingly requires minimal subtitles for Corey.  It's only when he covers his face with trusty camo hat and admits his ex-wife still gives him butterflies that they are utilized.  How can you not just adore Corey?  The pair realizes that they have been in a pattern of six months on and six months off, and Corey wants Leah to take her time with her decision.  In fact, he's kind of wishing he'd never said anything.  That revelation causes Leah to doubt Corey's intentions.  I think Corey may be thinking he was a bit too hasty with his admission of love as well.

Continuing her tour of Austin, Kailyn and her cousin head to dinner.  She isn't planning on seeing her dad while he's in town and laughs about the last time she saw him…when she was six months pregnant, he asked her to borrow twenty bucks.  Kailyn explains that things are getting stale for her in Pennsylvania (ie, both Jo and Jordan have moved on thanks to her indecision), and she's considering a move to Austin.  The girls head out to ride a mechanical bull. 

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Jenelle is trying to prove herself as a good mom by taking Jace to the pumpkin patch.  Barbara is thrilled to hear that Jenelle's mood swings are leveling out, and she hopes her daughter is up for spending more time with Jace.  Jenelle asks for some over night visits, but Barbara is going to have to think about that request.  When Jenelle doesn't get the answer she wants, she storms out in a huff without saying good-bye to her son.  Girlfriend is making a stellar case for those overnight visits, huh?

It's time to start potty training Aubree, so Chelsea takes her to pick out a potty.  Chelsea draws up some half-assed potty chart to put on the fridge and baby talks to her about getting stars.  Professionals write books on this stuff, right?  It may serve Chelsea well to read one instead of regaling in the wonder that is pooping while watching television simultaneously.  She also reminds herself that she needs to let Adam's mom know about this new life event so she can be on the same page, since Prince Charming is still ignoring her.

Before heading to class, Leah is meeting with a friend.  Those twins are so stinking precious.  Leah shares Corey's confession with her friend, and she admits to being excited at his news.  The girls dissect Corey's admission versus Jeremy's flower sending abilities while tugging on their extensions.  She's caught between a rock and a hard place.

Since her fight with Barbara, Jenelle has been sleeping up a storm and her medications are making her sick.  Barbara, Jace, and Barbara's boyfriend head to Josh's house for a planned family outing.  Jenelle won't even open her eyes to tell her mom that she has to bail.  Still making that case for those overnights!  Way to go Jenelle!  A concerned Barbara asks Josh what Jenelle has been taking, and apparently their are some narcotic pain pills mixed in with her bipolar meds.  Josh is torn between going on the outing with Barbara and staying home to make sure Jenelle is alright.  My heart is breaking for Jace.  Back inside, Jenelle is slurring and cussing.  When Jenelle starts crying, I have to admit I'm proud of Barbara for softening her tone and changing her tactic.  She tells Jenelle that she is disappointed in her daughter for constantly disappointing Jace.  This Josh character is fine and all, but he needs to take that poor child out of the bedroom.  Jace doesn't need to keep seeing him mother like this. 


Kailyn is meeting her half sister for the second time ever.  Mikayla greets her with a gift and a list of scripted questions.  She is not comfortable being on camera, I don't think.  Both she and Kailyn bond over not wanting to talk to their dad and having their families keep each other a secret for so long.  Kailyn is really leaning towards relocating.  Jo isn't going to like this plan at all.  In West Virginia, Corey and Leah are passing off the girls, and Corey is back pedaling even though he wants the girls to have a family.  Do you think they ever hang out with the gang from Buckwild?

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Chelsea's GED results arrive, and she has passed two more sections.  She celebrates with a high five and an exploding fist pump with her toddler.  On Oak Island, Jenelle is still claiming that her fights with Barbara are making her mood swings worse.  Can she ever take responsibility for anything?  Not to mention, things are awkward with Josh.  Dare I say he didn't know what he was getting into when he asked her to be roommates after one week?  Josh recommends family counseling.  When Janelle explains that her mom has already shot down that idea, he suggests that she cut ties with her mom while she gets better.  Josh tries to console her when she cries that all she wants to do is see Jace, I can't help but think of all the opportunities she had this episode to see him that she didn't take. 

Before flying back to Pennsylvania, Chelsea, her cousin, and her half-sister go shopping…at a boutique called Feathers.  Irony?  Her cousin tries to convince her to move to Austin.  Kailyn's only concern is Jo's reaction.  Overall, Kailyn had a great trip.  Leah talks to her mom and step-father about her relationship issues.  Her step-dad thinks she needs to focus on her current goals which involve school and Jeremy.  He gives some pretty stellar and no nonsense advice.

Next week, Jo shares with Kailyn that her mom came by to see Isaac while she was in Texas, and Leah decides to move forward in her relationship with JeremyJenelle and Josh call it quits, and Chelsea's new puppy gets hit by a car (I think).


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