The Hills Are Alive With Multiple Engagements!


It's been quite some time since we parted ways with those crazy kids from The Hills.  With the exception of the two queen bees and arch rivals Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, most of the cast from the Hills and it's predecessor Laguna Beach have faded off into obscurity, only managing a place in the spotlight thanks to DUI mug shots and quickly canceled reality shows. 

As you recall, LC had her fill of bad boys, setting her sights on Jason Wahler in high school.  After a brief fling, he disappeared, only to resurface as her main squeeze on The Hills.  The poor guy clearly has had his issues with alcohol, and their relationship was very volatile.  After Jason, Lauren found comfort in the arms of Doug Reinhardt, a former baseball player and total jackleg.  He was so skeezy I needed to shower after watching a scene with him in it.  Bless his little rich Laguna heart was he a dolt!


It's a sad day for us, ladies!  Now, both of these d-bags are engaged and off the market.  I know I'm being harsh.  I respect Jason for getting his sobriety in check and flying under the radar (except for that stint on Celebrity Rehab), while I'm sure Doug has been punished enough having dated Paris Hilton.  Heck, Jason's engagement (his second…I remember hearing about his first) happened seven weeks ago and barely received any press until Doug popped the question to his on-again-off-again high school sweetheart. 

Let's start with Jason, shall we?  After breaking off his engagement to a tennis player at USC, he started dating model Ashley Stack according to Us Weekly.  After he proposed on November 17 of last year, Ashley posted a picture of her engagement ring on Facebook, with the caption, "I said yes! I am the happiest girl in the whole wide world and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend."

A few months before getting down on one knee, Jason shared his feeling for Ashley with the magazine, saying, "I found someone I really genuinely care about as a friend.  My parents have been together 40 years, they just celebrated that. They're best friends deep down. That's kind of what you have to find…This is the first relationship I've ever been in sober.  It's a little bit different when you're not drinking and going out. She's my best friend."  So, you're saying y'all are friends?  Just clarifying!

A rep for Doug's family (really?  His family needs a rep to speak to the media? Again, bless him.) confirms to People that Doug is officially engaged to his girlfriend from high school Allie Lutz.  Allie posted a picture of her bling (above) on Twitter, writing, "Cat's out of the bag! #Engaged #bestfriends #highschoolsweethearts" #gag.  I can't imagine dating someone on-and-off since high school and having watched them fake a relationship for television and knowing that he more than likely had his dirty bits mingling with the likes of Paris'.  However, I remember Allie trying to make herself relevant on The Hills by creating drama with Kristin, so perhaps they have a lot in common. 

The rep (bwahahaha!) shares, "They [got] engaged on a yacht Doug chartered for New Year's. Doug proposed on the yacht at St. Barts and afterwards arranged a lavish celebration while cruising around St. Barts and Anguilla."  Of course he did.  This sounds eerily similar to how most romances begin in Lifetime movies…nevertheless, congratulations to both of the happy couples.  I am sure LC is breathing a sigh of relief having dodged those two bullets!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


Ashley's engagement ring from Jason courtesy of Instagram