Jenelle Evans Files Assault Charges Against Courtland Rogers; Plus, Is She Moving On With Ex-fiance Gary Head?


The drama that surrounds Jenelle Evans seriously never ends. Today's news: assault charges, moving on with a "good" friend, continued drug abuse claims, and new baby mama drama. 

Jenelle's attorney, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, told E! News that the Teen Mom 2 star has filed charges – four counts of assault on a female with an unborn child – against soon-to-be ex-husband Courtland Rogers. According to Dustin, Jenelle was "physically assaulted over a period of time" but seems to be "very concerned about her general health and well-being."
Facing a maximum 150 days in jail per charge, Courtland tweeted, "She has put me threw [through] hell and back and I ALWAYS been the best man I could for her. I am devastated and my whole family knows I didn't do that." 

Courtland responded to this picture of Jenelle's bruise:


"Omg that lil bee sting?? I never put my hands on her!! Looks like she picked a pimple too hard" and "You put like some little teeny pinky bruise on your cheek. If I was gonna *** **mn beat somebody, there would be f**king *** **mn broken bones and f**king, like, real bruises, not a f**king pen mark."

Last night, Jenelle (with ex-fiance Gary Head) and Courtland (with new girl Tiffany Knabe) both participated in live video chats via Stickam. Of course they did. Don't people read books or play board games anymore?

Jenelle Evans And Courtland Rogers: “Clearly, We Are Together”

Is Jenelle really with Gary? Yup. Jenelle said, “It’s been horrible. I just came up [to Gary’s house] just to see a friend. I needed to get out of town because I was stuck at my mom’s house, and I was alone, [thinking about] how mad I am and what I'm going through right now." Note to Jenelle: You're not alone at Barbara's house. Your son lives there. Learn to love your family. Please. 

Who is Tiffany? (my head hurts!) Courtland said they're just friends, adding, “She ain’t crazy. I don’t have to worry about it with her. She don’t give a f**k about no money, about no fame, about Twitter, about Facebook.” Courtland went on to say that Jenelle is still abusing drugs (smoking marijuana, pain pills, Xanax) and never spends time with Jace (shows up, takes pictures with him, leaves to get high).

Jenelle Evans: “I Am Getting A Divorce” From Courtland Rogers

Today, Courtland tweeted, "JE filed assault charges on me and then posted lil cute tweets bout goin to see someone then show up with Gary Head?? That's f**ked up!" and "I could give two flying f**ks about being famous! I want my *** **mn life back that Jenelle ripped from my soul! She broke my f**king heart." 

Jenelle just tweeted, "Nice to surround yrself with positive people, even when they don't kno u and they r being super supportive. Thanks to Gary Head and friends."

Last but certainly not least, is Courtland's baby mama drama about to get worse? Courtesy of Jenelle:


UPDATED TO ADD: These two switch gears faster than we can keep up. Courtland just Tweeted out: "Gary…..please take care of my wife!!! On the real! I quit all this shit! My heart is f**king broken! Just make her smile that's all I want". 


Photo credit: Twitter