Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Mid-Season Finale Calm Before The Final Storm Of Teen Mom 2 Craziness!


So, we are in the midst of what may be the longest stint of Teen Mom 2 in the history of the world.  Last night's "mid-season finale" was even ninety minutes long…because it takes a long time to bid farewell to Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer Calvert, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry.  Not that they will be gone for long…we'll be treated to a two-hour reunion special next Monday, and then another twelve episode arc starts the week afterwards.  That's when the true crazy is going to begin!

Last night's episode begins with a phone call from JeremyLeah, shocked she got pregnant so quickly (must I remind her of her first date with Corey?), has yet to tell him the good news.  Jeremy is also in disbelief that it happened so fast, but he's nervous and excited.  Leah commends Jeremy on waiting until he was the ripe old age of twenty-three to have a child…not sixteen like she was.

Chelsea is taking Aubree to check out day cares in the event she passes her GED and gets to start "hair school."  Man, she's even whiny when questioning the day care instructor!  The director calms her fears regarding leaving Aubree for the first time and stresses the need for Aubree to socialize at this age.  Chelsea smacks her gum in agreement.

Kailyn is prepping for Isaac's second birthday and spending a lot of time with Javi.  Why are guys drawn to her blunt sarcasm?  Javi wonders if he'll ever get out of the friend zone.  Kailyn assures him that being invited to Isaac's party is a good sign.  Meanwhile, Jo and his new girlfriend are discussing how well Jo and Kailyn have been co-parenting lately.  They are, however, having separate parties for their son.  Jo wants Kailyn to meet his girlfriend, and his girlfriend thinks that Kailyn would want to know who is hanging around her son.  She offers to write Kailyn a letter to break the ice. 


While all she wants to do is finish her probation and get back in school (yeah, right!), Jenelle knows she needs to figure out who Jace's father is.  She has scheduled a paternity test for her ex-boyfriend Andrew…it's paid for and everything.  How very Maury of her.  Andrew requests a video chat with Jace the following day, and Jenelle agrees in hopes it will convince him to take the test.  She really hopes he's not Jace's father.  Jenelle takes Jace to a coffee house so she can Skype with one of the T-Birds from Grease 2.  Oh, wait.  He looks like he's on all kinds of drugs.  Andrew tells Jenelle that there is no way he's Jace's father as they look nothing alike.  He can't wait to take the test so he can be off the hook for the child support he doesn't pay and get his name off of Jace's birth certificate.  He then says, "I love you, buddy" to Jace as they end their chat.  What the…?

Leah's mom comes over to visit Leah and the twins.  She tells her mom that she's taken out her IUD, and her mother warns her that she's going to get pregnant again.  Well, duh, is basically Leah's answer.  Of course, given that she's nineteen, her mom can't tell her what to do.  When Leah admits that she's already pregnant, and she's totally ready for it…although she's not sure if Jeremy is.  Her mom's response?  Well, aren't you a fertile Myrtle.  Words of wisdom, Dawn.  Words.  Of.  Wisdom.

Jo is dropping off Isaac after a weekend with his family.  He shares that he's having a party for Isaac at his parents, and he delivers the letter from his girlfriend.  Kailyn is very defensive.  The letter is actually very kind and mature, but Kailyn flips out saying she owes nothing to Jo.  She doesn't want to meet his new chick.  He implores her to at least not speak badly about his girlfriend in front of Isaac, and the pair blows up at one another.  Do these people realize that their children are like sponges at this age?  Isaac's going to be telling his day care teacher to effing relax. 

Even though she hasn't gotten her GED results, Chelsea is taking her entrance exam into beauty school.  I had to pause the television, but I did notice she chose the definition "too much" instead of "admittance" for the word "access."  Bless her heart.  She scores a 91% (my bad for making fun of her), and she's been accepted into the program pending her passing the GED.  She shares the good news with her friend and hairdresser who has a mohawk and leopard spots shaved into the side of his head.  Chelsea's hair is now making more sense to me.  Adam calls, and her friend Erika urges her not to answer.  Thankfully, it's just Aubree, but Chelsea gets her feelings hurt when Adam doesn't talk to her.


Jace is getting swabbed for his DNA test while Andrew is doing the same in Florida.  They should get the results back in a few days.  Jenelle fills in her friend on the events of the day.  If Andrew isn't the father, it's going to be a tough road to locate the other potential candidate.  Either way, it's not looking very good for poor Jace's gene pool. 

Are there only diners in Pennsylvania?  Jo is sharing Kailyn's drama over the letter with his girlfriend.  They are both disappointed, but they basically chalk it up to the fact Kailyn's still in love with Jo.  Duh.  Kailyn is sharing her side of the story with a friend.  She needs to grow up and realize that she needs to meet the people who are interacting with her son on a regular basis.  Her friend beats around the bush that perhaps Kailyn is jealous.  It's not jealousy, Kailyn assures her.  She just thinks that meeting Jo's girlfriend will make Jo's relationship more real to her, and she'll have to give up hope of them ever being a family.  Yeah, that's not jealousy at all.  #isitoppositeday?

Corey still doesn't know that Leah's engaged, so the pregnancy bomb will surely be a doozie.  She hopes to break the news to him before he hears it through the grapevine, but first she wants to share her joy with her best friend Kayla.  I like Kayla.  You can see it in her eyes that she thinks her friend is totally insane.  Leah shares her concerns about telling Corey, and Kayla figures she ought to tell him the whole truth.  Leah is just so worried about their residual feelings.  You would think if you had residual feelings for an ex, you wouldn't jump so quickly into marriage and baby with a dude you've known for two months that you only see one day a week.  I guess I'm old fashioned though. 

Does Chelsea own anything else but Victoria's Secret sweats?  Her dad comes over to visit, and he wants to be with her when she gets her GED results.  Chelsea shares the good news of her beauty school entrance exam and the day care she found for Aubree.  She can't wait to finish beauty school and open up her own salon.  Let's just put one foot in front of the other there, now Chels!


The results are in for Jace's paternity test.  I'm so glad to see Barbara and Jenelle finally getting along.  Andrew…you ARE the father.  Barbara is shocked.  Like Andrew, she doesn't think Jace looks anything like his dad.  She's disappointed.  Jenelle figures it was a crap shoot either way.  Barbara wants to cry thinking of how Jace could be screwed up having Andrew as his dad.  Something tells me he won't be around all that much…

Feeling guilty to her reaction to Jo's girlfriend's letter, Kailyn offers an olive branch by inviting Jo to Isaac's birthday.  She tells him she's been hanging out with Javi, and she hopes it won't be awkward for Jo at the party.  So, it's okay for her to ambush her son's father with her new guy at a two-year-old's birthday party, but she throws a hissy fit at the horror of being asked to be civil with Jo's girlfriend?  That makes total sense.  Jo doesn't accept the invitation, but he doesn't say he won't attend.  A sullen Kailyn tries to call him (he's programmed in her phone as "Baby Daddy"), but he doesn't answer.  She gets teary after Isaac blows out his candle.


The rumor mill is churning in West Virginia, so Leah realizes she needs to tell Corey her news before he hears it from somewhere else.  She calls Corey to see if he'll bring the girls to her house instead of meeting at their normal drop-off spot.  He's worried about the serious matter she tells him they need to discuss.  Leah can't look Corey in the eye and stumbles over her words when she tells him that she's engaged to Jeremy.  Corey responds with a "that's cool" and "congratulations" but he gets teary.  He really is such a good dad.  Corey asks if there is anything else Leah needs to tell him, and she says no.  Oh, so all those pregnancy rumors are just idle gossip.  Boom!  I wish camo hat was here to see Corey totally call out his ex-wife.  She reveals that the rumors are true.  Corey tries to be positive, but he wonders if she thinks it's odd that at nineteen she's onto her second marriage and third child.  He makes a tearful exit, and my heart just breaks for him.

Jenelle video chats with Andrew, and Barbara is there with her for support.  Andrew knows that "it's" not his ("it" being his son, of course), and he's ready for Jenelle to tell him the good news.  He feels overwhelmed and excited.  He commends Barbara for doing such a good job raising Jace, and he wants to be a part of his life.  He wants to start a relationship with Jace via video chat.  Barbara thinks that Andrew seemed to be doing better.  However, Jenelle has heard him spouting off about being in Jace's life too many times, and she'll believe it when she sees it.

Leah reveals to Kayla Corey's sad reaction to her news, and she admits she still loves him.  She loves Jeremy too…just in a different way.  Kayla explains to her friend that she doesn't think Jeremy makes Leah as happy as Corey did.  Leah thinks it would be the same with any guy who isn't Corey.  Perhaps that IUD removal should have been thought out a little better.  She says that her future with Jeremy may not have been forever if she hadn't gotten pregnant.  Leah is just so confused over her feelings for Corey.  I am sure this is Jeremy's favorite episode to watch with his now wife.

Her GED results are in, so Chelsea and Aubree head to her dad's to open them.  Aubree takes her sweet time opening her mom's envelope, and she's passed!  I am so confused.  I thought she still hadn't gotten her GED yet.  Well, good for her!  Now let's do something with it. 


Isaac is opening presents when Jo arrives.  A very mature Jo shakes Javi's hand, while Kailyn announces to the room that things are "sufficiently awkward."  Is she regressing?  She's acting like a fifteen year old.  Kailyn can't believe how quickly Isaac is growing up, and she's worried he's not going to need her any more. 

Leah wishes that Jeremy was home so that he could take her mind off of the fact she's still in love with Corey.  That seems healthy.  She needs more reassurance that he wants to have this baby.  I feel so badly for Jeremy as well.  He seems like a stand-up guy who wants to do the right thing and really loves Leah.  Across town, Corey is sharing Leah's news with his dad.  He thinks it's incredibly irresponsible of Leah to get pregnant again when the twins still require a lot of attention.  Corey's dad knows he's going to have a hard time accepting the fact that he and Leah won't ever reconcile.  Man, I like Corey's dad, too.  Notice I haven't said I like Leah…

Chelsea's dad is hosting a dinner for her family and friends to celebrate her GED.  Goodness, her step-mom shares her penchant for bad hair.  Speaking of, what is up with her mom's headband?  Chelsea thanks everyone for their support, but of course she needs to reference Adam's absence.  At least she doesn't cry about it though.  Baby steps.

Andrew has been a no-show since getting the results.  She talks to Barbara about her concerns about Jace having such a head case for a dad.  Jenelle doesn't think Jace will ever see a dime of child support, and Barbara assures her that she will squeeze the payments out of Andrew.  Barbara tells her daughter how proud she is of her daughter, and I wish I could just freeze Jenelle in time.  I want to root for her, but she makes it impossible.

Jo's family is hosting Isaac's birthday party, but Kailyn won't attend since Jo's girlfriend will be there.  Jo drops Isaac off after the festivities, and Kailyn admits that she wants to be on better terms with Jo.  She then shares her concern that Jo's girlfriend will somehow get the impression that she's some sort of mother figure to Isaac if she spends too much time with him.  Double standard much?  It's fine for Javi to play dad, but when Jo's girlfriend wants to be a part of his son's life (and she made it clear in her letter she would never want to step on Kailyn's toes or act as a replacement), it's a huge problem.  Jo is spinning his wheels trying appease Kailyn.  She also worries that when Isaac gets older, he'll want to spend more time with Jo because he has a fun, big family.  Her insecurities are very sad.  They do seem to get along better when rock-paper-scissors are involved.


Corey and Leah are trading off the twins, and they talk about how awkward the other night was.  He tells her that he's hurt to know she's moved on so quickly, but he promises to be supportive and helpful throughout her pregnancy.  Corey is just sad that any hope for getting back together is totally gone.  Leah quietly shares that she hasn't totally moved on from Corey.  "That sucks," he laughs.  He doesn't want Leah to regret her choices, and he understands why she is doing what she's doing.  Corey also reminds her that it won't be easy for him to know she has feelings for him and there is nothing either of them can do about it.  It totally breaks my heart.  I'm ashamed to say I tear up during the final montage. 

Next week, it's the two-hour mid-season reunion before we get three more months of these girls.  Dr. Drew delves into whether Andrew will ever act like a father to Jace, and Chelsea's dad talks about what a douche Adam is.  The Leah/Jeremy/Corey love triangle is revisited. 


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