Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka Sings Kristin Chenoweth’s Praises; Sean Lowe Admits Tierra “Hoodwinked” Him…Plus, Is She Engaged?

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There is a lot going on in the world of the Bachelor today…past and present.  First up, everyone's favorite pilot turned famewhore Jake Pavelka is discussing his love, the talented Kristin Chenoweth.  I will never, ever understand that situation as long as I live.  She's just so cute, I want to put her in my pocket, but I am certainly questioning her romantic choices of late.

You know who else is questioning his romantic choices (and rightfully so)?  Why, it's current Bachelor Sean Lowe!  Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, because it appears that even though he keeps picking the atrocious Tierra LiCausa, Sean now recognizes he was clearly hoodwinked…what a cute expression.  Golly, Sean.  And speaking of Tierra, she has to command that attention, right?  Just wait until you see her recent Instagram picture!


Us Weekly caught up with Jake at a recent Las Vegas event where he shared how he met the lovely Kristin.  

"We met at an awards show for Hallmark," Jake recalls. "She hosted and I was presenting an award."

Explaining that their relationship is going "great," Jake adds that "she's the one who has the talent."  Yeah, I think that pretty much goes without saying, buddy!

Of course, that sly dog Jake remained mum on his Valentine's Day plans, joking, "If I tell you, it'll give my secret away!  Actually, [Kristin] has a concert on the 15th at Lincoln Center [in New York City] so she's rehearsing and I'm staying out of her way."

The reality star is hoping to follow in his girlfriend's acting footsteps, and he reveals that we may see him on the small screen in a non-reality, non-STD ridden (sorry Bachelor Pad!) capacity.  Jake tells the site, "We're in contract negotiations for a show, but it's all a secret right now."  Hopefully, it's a secret the public is never told…

Moving on to our current friend looking for love, Sean has taken some major flack from viewers for repeatedly picking the season's resident drama queen.  Speaking to Access Hollywood about Tierra, Sean admits, “I get hoodwinked a little bit more.  She is good at what she does… at being this sweet, nice girl when she’s with me and being a completely, just devious, mischievous person when she’s around the women."

Sean laughs at himself and recognizes that many a viewer likely wanted to shake him through their television screen.  He admits, “America is saying, ‘You idiot! How could you not see it?’ But, she showed me no signs of that.”

The low-key Bachelor also addressed reports that he was a born-again virgin.  Citing his faith in his decision, Sean says, “I got to a point where I’d lived my life, kind of the way I wanted to live it and it was just a vicious circle that got me nowhere, so not I’m at a point where hey, I’m gonna try to live my life the right way, as I see it…[it was] definitely faith influenced. And the ‘born-again virgin’? I’ve never used that term in my life. I think you’re either a virgin or you’re not. [Abstinence] – it’s just a choice I’ve made.”  We all know Tierra wouldn't be on board with the sex-free train.

And speaking of Chris Harrison's little villainess, Reality Steve agrees that Tierra is a few sandwiches short of a picnic (even picnics in Canada), so it's hilarious that he discovered Tierra has been posting Instagram pictures of a giant gawdy engagement ring.  The caption "Happily Complete!" makes her stunt even more gag worthy and Tierraible.  #famewhore  Check it out below!


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