Well, that didn't take long!  Just the other day, the word on the street was that former Bachelor Sean Lowe was spreading his diva-licious attitude all over the set of Dancing with the Stars.  While the gossip was *slightly* far fetched, Sean is laughing off the claims that he thinks he "makes" the reality competition. 

At the other end of the entitled dancing spectrum is fresh faced Disney teen Zendaya Coleman, but of course, she changed the game this week as well when she put her synchronized foot in her perfectly pouty mouth.  Confused?  Read on!


Talking to Us Weekly, Sean is quick to dispel the allegations of a superior attitude, saying, "I heard those rumors! You answer that one, [partner] Peta [Mergatroyd]. Am I a diva?"

Peta responds, "Absolutely not!  He is so far from it! It's absolutely absurd. It's ridiculous, laughable. We heard about it and we just burst out laughing because he's not that at all."
Sean admits that "[the gossip] doesn't bother me," sharing, "The biggest challenge has just been being comfortable out there, because this is so foreign to me.  You have to know the routine frontwards and backwards to get out there and perform confidently! This week was a step in the right direction, but I think next week could be even better."
Of his partnership with Peta, Sean boasts, "We've got the perfect relationship because she teaches and she yells, but it's in a joking way!  And I don't take her that seriously when she does it! I'm not scared of the girl! We get a lot accomplished, we have a lot of fun, she gets on my butt — I need it! She's making me a better dancer."
After stating on Monday's show that age "is just a number," Zendaya faced some fun-loving ribbing at the suggestion that age wasn't a factor in the competition.  The sixteen-year-old's exact words were as follows:  "Using age is almost an excuse.  Age doesn't mean anything.  Age doesn't mean I can't work as hard.  Age doesn't mean I can't do as well as everyone else.  It's just a factor.  It's just there."  Poor thing didn't know the can of worms she was opening when she said that, did she?
According to PeopleZendaya's speech allowed her older, more seasoned, counterparts to jokingly respond.  Case in point?  The lovely Lisa Vanderpump countered, "What is she talking about?  You get out of bed with my 52-year-old body every morning, damn it, and I'll let you know who's challenged." 
D.L. Hughley also jumped on the bandwagon, teasing, "That really annoyed the hell out of me, I've gotta say.  Age is just a number when your number is very small." 
DWTS pro Karina Smirnoff, concurred, adding, "Age is only a number when you're 16."  Ouch!  Let's all go a bit easier on the high schooler, shall we?  Not only does she have the youth excuse for statements which weren't thought out fully, she hasn't had the years to perfect the media savvy statement like her competitors. 
Defending her stance, Zandaya explains, "The big difference is that I have to go to school every day.  When everybody else gets to rehearse, I have to do school. When everybody else is in hair and makeup, I'm in school. That's about it." 
At least country crooner Wynonna Judd has the young girl's back, laughing, "I would never, ever want to go back to 16 again." 
Can't we all just get along?
[Photo Credit: ABC]