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Sometimes my reality gets skewed.  It's been skewed as of late.  I'm bewildered.  The light of musicals, Southern belle charm, and quick wit wrapped in a tiny little package has disappointed me.  Yet, I still can't blame her.  I feel as if she's been brainwashed.  I can't think of another logical explanation.

I'll just come right out and say it.  I've heard the rumors, and I've read the gossip, but I so didn't want to believe it was true.  But we now have confirmation.  Sigh.  It seems that everyone's favorite multi-talented spitfire little cupcake Kristin Chenoweth is, in fact, dating former Bachelor alum and d-bag pilot Jake Pavelka.  When did the world go so awry?  I'd hoped that she was his beard, but it doesn't seem like that is the case.  I don't know what to believe anymore.  Gracious.


It appears that Kristin and Jake are actually dating.  Gag.  According to Access Hollywood, famewhore/stone statue/control freak Jake has confirmed his relationship with wonderful Ms. Chenoweth.  Do you think that maybe she's just bored?  Or method acting?  Or does she just really like flying for free?  I'm so confused.

In a recent interview, Jake reveals, “We’ve been seeing a little bit of each other and she is just one of the most incredibly warm, selfless, kind people I have ever met.  She is truly what she seems to be.”  That's funny, because the last thing Kristin seemed to be was stupid.  Am I that bad of a character judge?  No.  I'm convinced she's just going through a learning phase.  Right?  RIGHT?

Jake claims to be clueless about his lady love's great talents, telling the site, “We met at the Hero Dog Award for Hallmark Channel. I’m just a normal guy.  She’s the one that has, you know, that’s her career as a vocalist.”

He continues, hinting that Kristin's met his parents and they really like her, “I’m just a normal guy. She’s the one that has, you know, that’s her career as a vocalist. I don’t sing. I do everybody a favor and I don’t sing."  That's great.  Could you do us all a favor and not speak as well?  No?  Well, it didn't hurt to ask.

Comparing himself to current Bachelor Sean Lowe, Jake opines,“I actually met Sean a couple of days ago in New York.  Great guy. I’m probably more like Sean than any of the other past Bachelors.  Just the way that we were raised, the businesses that we’re in, kind of the way we conduct ourselves. He’s just a great guy.  I got to know him this week a little bit. We really see eye to eye on a lot of things. A lot of major aspects of life, so I hope he finds love.” 

Hey Jake, Sean called.  He wants you to stop hitching your star to his carriage.  Your ship has sailed, my friend.  And Kristin?  I still adore you.  We all make mistakes.  However, I won't allow you to make me think good thoughts about Jake…unless y'all get engaged.  Then I'll forget.  🙂  Maybe.  Probably not.


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