Well, well… it took 2 minutes in famewhore kingdom before the negative aspects of reality TV (aka ruining your life!) is striking the stars of Buckwild

First there were allegations that the show is staged (as a West Virginian I can attest that it is!) and now Salwa Amin, the oldest of the group, has just been arrested for drug possession in WV early this morning! Oops. The "Curse of Jersey Shore" comes early, y'all! 

TMZ reports Salwa ( aka"Bengali in Boots") was arrested for "possession with intent to deliver," i.e. selling or distributing drugs. Unfortunately it's considered a felony offense in WV! She's scheduled for an arraignment this morning.


Sgt. Rick Drake with the central WV jail in Clarion, WV where Salwa is being held says she doesn't want to speak to the media and he doesn't know whether or not she has an attorney. I cannot wait to see how MTV spins this! 

This is not Salwa's first time being in trouble with the law. The 25-year-old was arrested in 2012 for disorderly conduct in Kanawha County according to the Charleston Gazette. Her mugshot for that arrest is below. 

According to Starcasm, Salwa was arrested in 2009 for arson! Citing a practical joke gone wrong the then 21-year-old was arrested and taken to jail, but never actually charged! 

I wonder if MTV cameras will be on hand to film Salwa's latest jail stint? Citing rising ratings, MTV has already renewed for a second season of redneck antics, despite massive opposition from state legislature including former WV governor Joe Manchin!

[Photo Credit: WV Regional Jail]




Salwa's 2012 mugshot. Class-eeeee, y'all! 


UPDATE: Details about Salwa's arrest are emerging and they're well… pretty scandalous! Police officers in Summersville, WV were extensively surveilling Salwa and 2 male friends on suspected illegal behaviors reports TMZ. 

Summersville chief of police (who trust me hasn't had this much action in a decade) reveals that his drug task force began observing the three when they received a tip of a reported "shipment" to be delivered to Nicholas County sometime Sunday. 

The officers observed " a lot of traffic coming in and out of the house" where Salwa and friends were eventually nabbed and had been hanging out. The officers also witnessed people visiting the premises for brief periods of time before leaving. Officers immediately obtained a search warrant and launched a raid on the property!

Salwa, along with Shawn L. Booker and Jason D. Jones (the homeowner) were found hiding in a shed in the backyard while police combed the property. They were arrested immediately.  

Salwa had a  "quantity of Oxycodone" in her purse, while Shawn Booker was popped with a "large amount of money" in his possession. Even worse for the trio, police found 3 separate pacakges of heroin in the shed where they were hiding out. The specific amout has not been released. 

Jason Jones blamed Salwa and Shawn for the whole thing claiming they brought the drugs to his house to sell them! Well – this does not look good. We'll be keeping you updated!