Ramona Rizzo Mob Wives

It's married to the mob round two for Ramona Rizzo

Apparently once you go mobster, you never go back. The Mob Wives star just announced her engagement to Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani, a currently incarcerated (alleged!) member of the Gambino crime family. 

Joseph is waiting out the remainder of his engagement in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, while Ramona plans a 500-guest June wedding – although she doesn't think Joseph will be out of jail in time to attend. 

“He didn’t want to begrudge me a wedding,” Ramona gushes. “He said, ‘Even if I can’t be there, have a party. I’ll be there in spirit.’ ” Ramona will be celebrating sans groom in Long Island. No word on where exactly they'll be getting married – perhaps jail – and if Mob Wives will be filming the event ( I just bet they will be!). 


“We’ve known each other since we were kids,” Ramona shared with page Six. “It’s not the normal love story because he’s incarcerated. But if you’re in love, you can make it work.” Oh sweetness… I need to be over-dosing on the Valentine's chocolates to get through this! 

I guess Ramona is getting the help of Renee Graziano's Jail Mail business to get through their separation.

Despite the couple being from  opposite crime families (allegedly!) Ramona insists her family is thrilled. “My family’s just happy he’s Italian.” Ramona's ex-husband is Jordanian. 

Ramona says she does plan to include Joseph in the ceremony. We'll "pass around the phone," she says, so he can speak to friends and family. She's inviting co-stars Karen Gravano and Renee, of course.

Joseph is in the slammer after being implicated in a cocaine-trafficking scheme. He had earlier charges related to marijuana running syndicate. And he's been accused of helping a federal fugitive evade authorities. He sounds like a winner! 

“People should find their own way of love. I hope this inspires other people. We are praying for the best,” Ramona says. “If you love somebody before they got kicked down, why wouldn’t you love them after?”

“Maybe the key to a happy marriage is not having a husband in your face all the time,” Ramona adds. She should talk to Drita D'avanzo about that one… 

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