Former RHONY’s Jill Zarin Talks Reality Show Return And Jealousy!


You know, there is something genuinely entertaining about former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin. Seriously.  I don't think she intends to be entertaining in the hilarious and ridiculous way in which I find her, but it's fun stuff nonetheless!

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Jill has managed to extend her fifteen minutes into several hours, which is, in and of itself, rather impressive.  One minutes she's dying to get back on the Bravo show that hired her, the next she's scoffing at the idea of reality television.  Oh Jill, you are such a fickle filly, and I love it!


Jill recently spoke with All Things Real Housewives, and, as always, she twists things around to make herself sound happy-go-lucky and carefree now that she's no longer being dragged down by Andy Cohen and his minions.  She talks about Bobby, how Ally is doing in college, and how much she loves her fans (she considers them to be like best friends), but I'm just going to cut right to Jill's sentiments about getting the boot from RHONY, as well as her general thoughts on reality shows.  You can read the interview in its entirety here.  

When asked about whether she thought Bravo made a mistake getting rid of half the New York cast, Jill states, “I have no idea. I don’t know if it was the smartest thing they ever did, but I’m happy where I am in my life right now. The show definitely changed my life in different ways, but staying on it [the show] wasn’t a passion of mine anymore. Four years on a television show is four years more than anyone could ever hope for. Most shows come and go, so the fact that I was a part of one of the biggest shows on television today, was an honor. I’m so grateful for what it’s done for me and my family."  I'm sorry, what?  Is she implying she was ready to leave?  Sure, Jill.  We all believe you.
The feisty reality star adds, "I think that coming back for another Season, wouldn’t have been the best decision for me. So I have to say, ‘We make plans and God laughs.’ So the fact that I was not asked back is what was meant for me, it was over, it was done. I had the best run of my life, and it wasn’t going to get better.”
Viewers are constantly watching the demise of friendships on the franchise, so Jill weighs in on what is the biggest reason for the lady drama.  She explains, “I think that jealousy is very common among these shows and with women. You cannot prevent it. They’re jealous of each other! I’m not jealous of anybody. I’m happy for people and for all my friends, obviously with Bethenny [Frankel], I wanted her to succeed. I’m the first person there at my friend’s book signing or at an opening party. But I think jealousy and protecting their turf is a very common threat with these women. It’s hard to live, but fun to watch!"  Jill, not jealous?  I guess her getting the nickname "Jillousy" is just a coincidence…
As always, Jill likes to remind everyone that the ratings for RHONY took a dive after the cast revamp, and she can't help but wonder if her departure had anything to do with it.  She admits, "A part of me would like to think so. I know I got a lot of fan mail saying they weren’t going to watch the show without me, but I don’t want that to happen. I want the show to be successful. I’m a part of that brand, I don’t want it to end on a bad note. I want the girls to do well, I want them to take away from the show what I did.”
For those of you just itching to see Jill return to the small screen, she's not totally ruling out the idea.  She reveals, “I wouldn’t say no, but I would say that Reality TV isn’t there to make anybody look good. It’s to exploit whatever they can to make ratings. So I’d say unlikely, but you never know.”  Are you listening, Andy?
[Photo Credit: Twitter]