Would You Rather…Spend A Day With Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Or A Week With The Kardashian Jenners?

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Here's a question for you…given the opportunity, would you rather spend a day with the peeps from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, engaging in their small town (and often gross) shenanigans or spend a week with those Kardashian Jenners, traveling to promotional gigs around the world and being treated to overpriced tiny rapper inspired wardrobes?  I'll give you my answer later in this post.

The truth is, both families have their fair share of haters and media backlash, but they couldn't be more different.  One group is constantly looking to increase its visibility and find more lucrative gigs, while the other dynamic happened to feed their five-year-old pixie sticks and enter her in pageants.  Now, I am NOT condoning amping up a child on sugar and go-go juice so she can twirl around stage in a dress that costs more than your monthly income; however, one crew seeks out fame at every turn, and the other is dealing with the effects of having notoriety fall in their laps.  It's not the same, I don't care how you spin it!

So, Kardashians or Shannon-Thompsons?  Let's compare and contrast, shall we?


Amy Grindhouse is breaking down Mother of the Year as she graces the covers of not one, but two tabloids this week.  Kris Jenner is all over Us Weekly and In Touch breaking down her maternal instincts, her inherent guilt that comes with not being able to be everything for all of her kids all of the time (gag), and Kylie and Kendall Jenner becoming the next big brand.  It's hard to be the world's busiest pimpmomager, y'all! 

Kris herself tells Us that she wishes there were more of her to go around, lamenting, "I feel guilty all the time because I can’t be everywhere at once. I feel like I want to be there for everybody, whoever needs me, I just worry about them all… I get scolded or, you know, they’re not happy about something and I have to fix it."

Not surprisingly, Kris is quick to scoff at those who think she's exploiting her two youngest daughters.  While both teens opted for home schooling to focus on their 'careers,' a source tells In Touch that Kris only wants the best for them…even if her intentions are sometimes skewed.  The insider shares, "Kris is trying to mold Kendall and Kylie into the next mega brand [or] the next Kim Kardashian. Kris isn’t acting like their mom."

Yet another family source explains, "She’s not perfect and she knows that, [but] her mistakes never come from a bad place."  The short version?  Kris is banking on her teen daughters to be giant cash cows.  Fair enough.

Moving on to another highly ridiculed reality family, HCHBB's June Shannon tells the Huffington Post that her crew is nothing like the Kardashian Jenner brood.  I don't need any convincing as far as that comparison is concerned.  I think this family is the bees' knees, and while sometimes they make me gag, they always make me laugh and leave me feeling happy, as if I'd just spent time with people who truly enjoy one another…but I digress.  

June reveals, “My girls are not high-maintenance like them.  They prefer to play in the mud than shop for new clothes. My girls are not labels. My kids love knowing who they are and know who they are, so, no.”

Don't ever expect to see the crew from McIntyre, Georgia making the move to the bright lights of LaLa Land.  June states, “We are just everyday people. We don't consider ourselves celebrities. We still have respect for people just like we did before. We have not let the fame go to our head because we are people people. We love to hang out with our fans. We love to meet them. We do meet people at our house, they pull up and some conversations last two minutes, some conversations last two to three hours.  I’m the same person I was six months before all this started. You just know where you come from and don't forget the people before all this came.”  I dare anyone to find something wrong with her way of thinking!  Preach it, June!

Also, don't think it's lost on June that some viewers aren't laughing with their family, but laughing at them…and she's fine with that, as long as her family is happy and enjoying their lives.  She asserts, “I know who I am. People are crazy and what’s so funny to me is the haters that talk about our show, they can quote just about everything.  So those haters know every detail of our show and keep our ratings up just as much as die-hard fans. It's kind of funny, you hate our show so much, how do you know so much about it?”  Exactly. 

I maintain that this family is just about as real as it gets.  They may not be as educated as you or as healthy as you or exhibit the same social graces that many expect, but they're not judging us the way we so harshly want to judge them.  If I could spend a day hanging with the Shannon-Thompsons or a week jet-setting and being treated to shopping sprees with the Kardashians, I'd pick the former.  Mainly because the Kardashains likely hate me…you know they read this!  🙂


[Photo Credit: Josiah True/ WENN.com; Andres Otero/WENN.com]