The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Turns Into Her Family’s Therapist

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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The Kardashians Season 4 Finale has arrived. The season’s come to a close and it was another confusing one all round. The tension between Kourtney and Kim was never really resolved, but rather shoved under the rug, as usual. There was entirely too much focus on Tristan Thompson as this family constantly relies on Khloe’s trauma for a storyline. Plus, Kris’ antics have taken a slightly dark tone, with Kourtney ready to call it out.

The most recent episode was dubbed as the season finale, and it felt like a lot of leftover footage from The Kardashians Season 4 that went overlooked. Kourtney’s pregnancy was a central storyline, but her aloof attitude about life made it pretty boring to follow. Here are five of the main takeaways from The Kardashians Season 4 Finale: “Buckle Up and Let’s Go.”

Let the Lord turn 40

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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Thankfully, Scott Disick made a final cameo in The Kardashians Season 4 when the family gathered together to celebrate his 40th birthday, sans Kourtney. The theme was regal, since Scott is the Lord after all, and everyone except Kylie got the memo. She got a pass from Scott, who reminded us that he’s known Kylie since she was his son Reign’s age. We’ve been watching this family on TV for entirely too long. Even Scott reflected on being present when the family shot Season 1, Episode 1 of their flagship show. “I was like, ‘This show is going nowhere,” Scott joked.

Khloe couldn’t hold back her jealousy that Scott got to turn 40 before her, as we know she’s eager to leave her 30s behind. “I don’t understand why he’s not as excited,” Khloe said. “I don’t think his 30s have been riveting either like let’s get out of them.” She has a point there — let’s hope for a more mature era for both Scott and Khloe in their next decade of life.

Kim’s acting era

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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Kim spent the majority of the episode back in New York City filming American Horror Story. She felt overwhelmed by the long hours and being away from her kids, but we know Kimmy — she can enter boss mode at a moment’s notice. “It’s iconic,” Kim said of AHS. “I love to do iconic sh*t.” She could say that again.

Kim was worried about taking on a serious and central role in a show as someone who isn’t a professional actor. “I can’t embarrass myself,” She said. “I’m definitely out of my comfort zone but I like that. That’s how you grow.” Is there anything Kimberly Kardashian can’t do?

Khloe and Kris go on tour

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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Khloe and Kris, the show’s true dynamic duo, went on tour this week. Well, they joined Kourtney and Travis Barker on a bus to San Diego to watch blink-182 perform live. Between the two of them, they knew maybe one blink-182 song max, but they were ready to make the most out of their rocker fantasy. “Vibing. I’m gonna vibe,” Kris said on the way to the show.

While Kris and Khloe were enjoying living the rockstar lifestyle, Kourtney was ready for them to be out of her orbit. Kourtney felt like her family members were being controlling and demanding, as always.  “This is why I don’t invite you guys to stuff because it’s not about you,” Kourtney said. “Everything becomes about everyone and the way they want to do it and all of their complaints.” Kourtney seriously has stopped trying to hide her disdain for her family and it is both uncomfortable and entertaining to watch.

Kourtney’s always on her own agenda

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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The family control issues didn’t stop Kourtney from doing her own thing. Khloe and Kris reflected on Kourtney’s pregnancy announcement during blink-182’s Los Angeles concert, which she didn’t invite her family to. Kris claimed that she woke up to find out the news via her TV screen that she left on to fall asleep. Kris knew her daughter was pregnant, but didn’t know that the world was going to know. “I thought I was being punked,” Kris said. “She forgot she had a family. That’s what pregnancy brain does.” Kourtney justified it by saying it wasn’t about her family, but about her and Travis, so she didn’t feel the need to include them.

Kourtney continued the pattern during the episode when she told Kris that she was having a gender reveal party the day before the event. Kris had to rush a visit to Khloe’s Good American store to make it to the impromptu party. The best part was that while the gender reveal was clearly for Travis, he revealed that he’s color blind and couldn’t even tell the color of the confetti until Kourtney told him. He also casually dropped the baby’s name “Rocky” to his mother-in-law during a quick on-camera exchange, which had to drive Kris even crazier.

The Kardashians’ next chapter

The Kardashians Season 4 Finale Recap
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The Kardashians will never leave our TV screens, but Kourtney is determined to make it a healthier environment. She pushed Kris during the episode to go to therapy and talk about generational trauma and her controlling nature. Kris distracted herself with anything and everything around her to avoid the conversation with her daughter. Khloe, in general, was ready to remove herself from the middle of the conversation. “No offense or anything but we all have f*cking problems, just buckle up and let’s go,” Khloe said about Kourtney’s slightly woo-woo concept on generational trauma that she learned via TikTok. Truly, I felt her pain.

Kourtney has finally seemed to accept that she can’t change anyone, even the family members that she has disdain for. “I know that people in my family would benefit from therapy but I’m letting go of trying to change other people and just accepting everyone for who they are,” Kourtney concluded. We’ll see how long that actually lasts.

The episode quickly wrapped up with everyone talking about their wins from the year. Truly, it was a forced finale to make the episode feel like it completed the season without really giving us any new information. The joke is on us — this family continues to show the same played-out storylines on TV and we fall for it every season. Anyway, I’ll be tuned in for Season 5 like the fool I am.

The Kardashians Season 4 is available to stream now on Hulu.