Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Sheree Whitfield Seeking Protective Order Against Atlanta Blogger Over Chateau Sheree!


After years and years and years of being on the receiving end of legal issues She By SheBroke is now on the firing side!

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is seeking a protective order against popular Atlanta blogger TamaraTattles because she claims the blogger violated her privacy and is stalking her after she took photos of Chateau Sheree without permission. 

Earlier this month Tamara paid a visit to the terminally under-construction Chateau Sheree. Tamara claims a construction worker on the property invited her in and allowed her to tour the premises. The original blog, including the photos Tamara took, is here. Tamara was complimentary to the plans Sheree had in place for the house, which has undergone shady contractors and multiple deed owners as Sheree struggled to finance its completion. 

Well Sheree did not take kindly to Tamara's 'invasion of privacy' and Courthouse News reports she filed a "Petition for Stalking Temporary Protective Order" against Tamara in Fulton County Superior Court. Sheree alleges that Tamara, "harasses and stalks her, showing up at the construction site of her home, snapping photos and blogging about it all." 


Per Sheree's complaint: 

"In October 2011 the respondent commenced an online blog about the petitioner's home titled 'Chateau Sheree,' giving the online world a play-by-play of the construction progress of the petitioner's home. The respondent then commenced additional online blogs regarding the petitioner's legal proceedings, the petitioner's business label, and delays in the petitioner's home construction, the demise of the petitioner's reality television career, and other disparaging remarks." 

Sheree's complaints states that Tamara gained access to her home without her permission and then took photos without proper consent. 

"On other occasions, respondent spied on me without my consent in order to harass or intimidate me and respondent transferred information about to others without my consent knowing that they could harass or intimidate me with it and similar events may occur in the future."

"These acts had no legitimate purposes, happened at places other than the residence of the respondent, were without the consent of the petitioner and placed petitioner in reasonable fear for her own safety and/or the safety of her immediate family."

Sheree is requesting that Tamara stop harassing her, refrain from direct or indirect contact with her family, and wants a hearing to determine if she is being stalked and harassed. 

Tamara's attorney offered this rebuttal to Sheree's claims: 

"We believe this order to be completely baseless and look forward to defending against it and, ultimately, having the entire action dismissed at the upcoming hearing in the matter. There has been no 'stalking' or any illegal conduct on behalf of my client and we believe that will be more than evident when my client has her day in court."  

A deposition is scheduled to take place. 

It should be known that multiple blogs – including ours – are fascinated by the details of Chateau Sheree and that SFTA has also paid a visit to the site and filmed footage from outside the property. Even Wendy Williams has discussed the matter in depth. 

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