Lea Black RHOM S2
With her annual gala less than a month away and the rumors swirling about filming getting underway for season 3, Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black answers our burning questions. Well, some of them. 
As she dashed to catch a flight yesterday, Lea took a few minutes to dish on her upcoming book, her gala, season 3 rumors, and to share her latest projects.
What can we expect from this year's gala?  Can you give us a hint about what celebs will be performing?
Big names! BIG surprises! Flo Rida, Whiskers and an amazing sound and light show by him! There will be other surprises, lots of entertainment, celebrities on the red carpet and the best guests ever! People make the party!

Last time we spoke you mentioned you were working on a book; can you give us an update?

It's scandalous! A mystery novel. Fiction. And all about Miami socialites and crazies. A lot of "camouflaged" characters and composites of various personalities. A Vanity Fair writer told me it was very Truman Capote-esqe, his earlier scandalous writings. Will be fun watching everyone, figuring out who's who! And it’s a fun read.

How has fan reaction been after season 2?
Apparently, even Bravo was surprised with the response. Advertisers loved it. Seems it left everyone hungry for more.

It's been hinted that RHOM is confirmed for Season 3. Any hints on who we can expect to return and what dramas might occur?

Those rumors, wow! Keep 'em coming!

How has your relationship with Marysol been?

I was never close to Marysol, we were basically social acquaintances other than the last couple of years. It’s friendly at a distance. No hard feelings on my part.

What about Adriana?

I've only seen her every once and a while. Everyone’s busy.

Can you give us any details about the reunion blow-out that happened with Ana? 

I didn't know her before the show, and have exchanged less than 100 words with her other than at the reunion.

What else have you been working on since filming wrapped?

The gala, finishing my book, my sudden youth facial kit re-packaging,, launching my new Lea Black Beauty/skincare collection on-line, and having fun with my after 5 pocketbooks. Busy! RJ, Roy, and I are always having fun, laughing and giggling.


Photo by Bravo