A Shirtless Rob Kardashian Steals A Pap’s Camera Memory Card In His Gym’s Parking Garage

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Newsflash!  There is apparently one member of the Kardashian family who doesn't like to photographed by the paparazzi!  Even weirder?  This Kardashian is vehemently opposed to having pictures taken in situations where clothing may be optional.  I can't wrap my head around it either!

While his sisters seem to bask in photographic attention, Rob Kardashian was recently fighting mad to be the center of one pap's focus.  His siblings appear to love being photographed–the less clothing the better!–but that mantra doesn't ring true for the only boy in the krew.  A pap snapped pictures of Rob changing for the gym, and Rob was quick to steal her camera's memory card.  Yikes!


TMZ reports that Rob was none too happy to have his shirtless physique documented while he changed into his gym clothes in a parking garage.  Law enforcement insiders share that Rob went a tad berserk when the female photographer started taking pictures of him sans shirt before he headed into the gym.

An enraged Rob allegedly stole the pap's memory card out of her camera before running off–not before promising to later pay for the memory card.  The photographer's agency confirmed that Rob said he'd reimburse her for the equipment he took before hightailing it out of the garage.  The photographer then filed a robbery report.

According to the site, Rob is participating in a weight loss challenge, and there is speculation that he didn't want the media to see his midsection before completing the program.

Rob claims he was changing in the private garage to be out of sight of the paparazzi.  The same site is alleging that the photographer somehow managed to drive past the gate and into the garage, although it is unknown how she was able to do so. 

A manager of the high profile work-out facility tells TMZ that the gym trains many celebrities and public figures.  Apparently the paps often congregate outside the garage in hopes of garnering a picture of someone famous. 

While the police are investigating the situation, it is (very slightly) possible that Rob's actions could equate to a robbery charge.  However, given all the facts, it will be very interesting to see how all of this craziness plays out in the media.  Perhaps Kimmie should have schooled Rob on how to always put your best side forward!


[Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com]