Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Season: 1

We all know that reality TV isn't all that it seems and plenty of goofs happen in the editing room.  That said, if we were giving away an award for worst editing, the Kardashians would win top prize every single time

Each week we get a flood of emails from fans who find editing flaws on the latest season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.  So, in honor of their season finale tonight, we gathered up some of the emails that decried "fakery!" and thought we'd share them with you. 

Let's dish, shall we? 

On last week's episode "Babies, Lies, and Alibis Part One", we had OODLES of emails about a few scenes that were so botched, it was hilarious!   When Kim decides to tag along with the private investigator while he tails Scott, there's a clothing change en route.  Scott leaves the house in a long sleeved gray and blue striped shirt and when they show him arriving at a building, he gets out of the car in shorts and a T-shirt. Scott must be quite a ninja, changing clothes while driving (and in a convertible, no less!).


Another reader caught this from last week's episode where Kim and Scott discuss her "fertility issues" during a drive together.  Our reader writes, "the camera shows the outside of a Bentley when Kim and Scott are driving but when it shows them inside, the interior clearly shows the symbol of a Rolls Royce on the head rest. Kim doesn't even have a Bentley in Miami! I remember on a previous episode Scott showed the car collection they are sporting in Miami and the Bentley wasn't one of them. I think this scene was contrived to garner sympathy because poor Kimmy is having "fertility issues".  And during that same scene, as they drive it's broad daylight and seconds later, it's nighttime!  That was one loooong conversation/drive.

Another oops in a previous episode, "I noticed Kim was in the car with Scott on their way to his friend Chapman's house and Kim had orange nail polish. When Kim left early and was driving home and got on the phone with Kourtney she had on black nail polish."

Fake location shoots on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? A reader shared with us, "Someone I know was featured giving a Kardashian a pedicure in a scene, but my friend was surprised, as she has never been to Miami and that was filmed in Westlake, California, but on the show it says they are in Miami."

Also, bad editing on last season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York?  A reader shared, "there is an earlier episode where Kourtney decides it's a great idea for her and Scott to spend alone time and take a "spontaneous" trip to Paris.  A few episodes later, Kourtney and Kim go to London for work commitments and the whole episode revolves around Scott staying back in Miami to have some time alone without the girls. He then at the end of the episode decides to fly out to London to "surprise" her because he realized he was bored without her.  The paparazzi photos do not lie. What actually happened is Scott flew with Kourtney to London in the first place and then from there, they both flew to Paris. The following is a link to Scott & Kourtney being photographed in London on November 11th. Then the 2nd link is them ONE day after filming in Paris."

Thanks so much to our eagle eyed readers! Y'all are amazing at spotting the quirky little "inconsistencies". 


Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/E!

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