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What's not to love about Andy Cohen?  He's the King of Bravo, he hosts a phenomenally random and funny late night show in a tiny clubhouse, and he penned the hilarious memoir Most Talkative.  Let's not forget the fact that he gave us the housewives franchise.  What would we have to talk about if not for all of those ladies?  Sure he's a horrible reunion host, but nobody's perfect, and he seems to be getting better in my opinion.
Not only is Andy all of these things and more, he's a huge advocate for the gay community.  In fact, he was recently named 14th on Out's Power List, which showcases fifty gay men and women who influence the way Americans–and the world–perceive the gay community.  RuPaul also made the list in the 50th spot.  

In a recent interview with Miami's New Times, Andy discusses all things, well, Andy!  He reveals how difficult it was to share his coming out story with the world and how honored he feels that his situation has had an impact on other gay teens.  Of course, he also dishes on all his favorite things about Miami…including the housewives franchise he counts among his most favorites.  Check out an excerpt below!


Well, you are here to promote your book, Most Talkative. Tell us about it.
It's one of my biggest accomplishments. It's something I am really proud of. Writing a book is something I never thought I would be able to do.
Is there a chapter that was a breeze to write?
Talking about the whole Housewives phenomenon. I never thought it would be here. I talk about in the book that OC was such a gamble and now we have shows all over the country.
What comes to your mind when you see one of your ladies coming out with a single or hawking a wine?
[Laughs] Good for them!
What chapter was the hardest?
Telling my story of coming out was tough to write. My parents loved and supported me, but that was a tough one for sure.
You're somewhat of a gay icon.
Well, thank you. I don't feel that way, but it's nice to hear.
What do your parents think about all of this?
I think they look at me and think, Is that my kid? They really love all the madness of it all.
Let's talk a little Housewives — [RHOM] is officially signed on for season three!
They sure are. You sound surprised. I always knew it was going to do well. It's one of my favorite franchises.
Who is your favorite Miami housewife?
I don't have a favorite. I am like a proud mother; I love all the ladies equally. I take that back — Mama Elsa is my favorite. She is everything.
I adore Andy Cohen, and I feel like he's extremely open and candid.  Basically, if we knew each other, we'd likely be BFFs.  Call me, Andy!  Mazel!
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