Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley Share Engagement Ring PHOTOS! Have We Seen That Ring Before On Real Housewives Of Orange County?


Aaaahhh… that saga that is Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley's timeless love. A redeeming and inspiring story of two people, who against all odds, found themselves through reality television and showed us that everlasting love can endure. Scoot over Romeo & Juliette! 

The Real Housewives of Orange County stars are finally engaged now that Slave isn't over $100,000 remiss in child support payments and Gretchen showed her approval by proposing to him. Now isn't that so modern of her! The lovebirds share their proposal story – and photos of their rings – with Life & Style where Gretchen says her proposal took 4 months of persuading Bravo to film it planning. 


“I don’t do anything by the book,” Gretchen, 34, says. “Life is too short, I’m in love with this man, and I needed to take the plunge!” She asked Slade for his hand in marriage with a black-gold and black-diamond band on top of LA's AT&T building. “It was a really emotional moment!” 

And of course, Slave said yes! To a lifetime of lugging Gretchen Christine around. “I’ve never been so overwhelmed with just sheer joy and happiness!” Slave gushed. 

Apparently since they share a brain, Slade was also planning a proposal to Gretchen. He scooped up a 4-carat fancy yellow diamond ring for his soon-to-be-betrothed. Oh did he now? You mean he didn't have the ring just lying around somewhere? Cause I'm pretty sure both Gretchen – AND Slave's former finance Jo de la Rosa have been spotted wearing this very, same ring before!

Let's discuss: 

Last year Gretchen was seen numerous times wearing a canary yellow diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. A video of Gretchen wearing the ring on a cooking show is below! 

And Slave was "caught" shopping for a 4.5-carat yellow diamond set in a bed of smaller white diamonds. Slade happened to be all in the news around that time for owing ex-girlfriend Michelle Arroyo big-time bucks in unpaid child support

Well, funnily enough Slade's season 1 RHOC fiance Jo also sported a ring looking exactly the same! A canary diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds on a platinum band. Oh my. Well, well – what have we here? Do these two need a card that says "Congratulations on your re-done engagement ring?" I think they might! Photos of Jo wearing her engagement ring is below!

Hey, maybe Slade's second spinoff attempt with Bravo will go better. If you recall he was briefly part of the very failed spinoff "Date My Ex" after he won his starring RHOC roll in an auction. Classy guy, this one! CLA-SEEEE. 

Here's the thing – it's a beautiful ring but you can't even bother to re-make it? And who wants a ring your boyfriend previously used to propose to someone else who also wore it on the same TV show. Only on Bravo, eh?!

[Photo Credits: Life & Style Magazine]



Gretchen and Slade's rings. He wore an engagement ring with Jo too! [Credit: Life & Style]


A video of Gretchen filmed last year – and look what she was wearing! My, my the stories this ring could tell… 



Jo and Slade in S1. The ring if you can zoom in. (My photoshop skills are abysmal.) 



jo-engagement-ringMore shots of Jo – all photos credit:

Close up of Jo (and Gretchen's!) ring.