Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1

Bravo is unfurling upon us a whole new slew of reality television fame grasping hopefuls. In their newest attempt to woo us with overly indulged women behaving in questionable manners Princesses: Long Island will be debuting this June!

Bravo describes the show as a unique look into the lives of pampered spoiled rich girls who went to college for the MRS degrees, it didn't work out, so they moved back in with their parents and waited until Mr. Right came along to fund their extravagant lifestyles. Ok, so maybe that's just the description I'M giving the show.

The official show synopsis is below: 

“Princesses: Long Island” documents the lives of six college-educated young women from affluent areas of “Longuyland” who live pampered lifestyles in the comfort of their parents’ homes and at the expense of their bank accounts. The series offers a window into their family dynamics and personal lives filled with labels, luxury and love trials. The young women face pressure from their families and friends to find husbands and to settle down. Will these members of the boomerang generation find their Prince Charming or are they forever content with their co-dependent relationships with their parents? 


Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Amanda Bertoncini: The 26-year-old runs her own luxury cocktail glass holding company called The Dinky Hanky. She's obsessed with fashion, lives at home with her quirky mom, and has a boyfriend Jeff whom she met on the train. She's apparently the envy of many Long Island ladies because she lives such a fabulous life and met prince charming. Also, she works out a lot. OK, then!

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Ashlee White: Her motto is: "If I can't wear stilettos, I can't go." Ashlee believes she has the perfect life – all that is missing her dream man. And she cannot wait to be traditional stay-at-home wife and mother. She loves fashion, considers herself self-confident (re: massive ego and gets in fights with everyone), and has a big heart. Oh, and she loves living at home with her best friends – her parents! Grow up. 

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Casey Cohen: Casey is a "blonde bombshell who isn't afraid to speak her mind." I wonder if she realizes that she looks 45. She lives part-time in LI with her mom and part-time in Manhattan. She has a MA in Fine Arts (re: Gallery Girls reject). Casey very passionate about art, education, and charity work. And despite juggling three jobs (at The Butter Group: Butter, 1OAK and The Darby), she's still looking for her true love!

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Chanel (Coco) Omari: Chanel, called Coco by all, is the social connector among her friend group – and according to Bravo all of Long Island. Good to know! She's also BFF with Casey. Coco's parents constantly nag her to settle down with a nice Jewish boy, but she's too busy having fun and living with them! She's also a blogger. 

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Erica Gimbel: Erica’s motto is “Be true to yourself, good, bad or indifferent.” She's always lived a charmed life and grew up on Daddy's yacht or something. She enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, tanning, and spoiling her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She's also a singer and dancer – cue the Made For TV pop career and another Bravo song. Sounds winning!

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1Joey Lauren: Despite most of her friends being married or engaged, Joey is in no hurry to be married off. She's a driven career girl who runs her own company Kissamint LLC, "a playfully sophisticated line of lip conditioning gloss and breath-freshening drops packaged together in a single component." She does not like being financially dependent on her parents and is working to move out and live on her own budget. She's also had her heart broken by the man she calls "The One" – and she's still not over him!

A trailer is below!

Princesses: Long Island premieres June 2nd at 9/8c on Bravo. Reality Tea will be recapping the show! 

[Photo Credits: Alex Martinez/Bravo]



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