Married To Medicine Brawl Splits Cast; Mariah Huq Explains Her Vision For The Series


Are y'all ready for more Married to Medicine drama? 

Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq's nasty fight has split the cast. While Kari Wells is more sympathetic towards Toya, Quad Webb-Lunceford is firmly and unapologetically on Mariah's side. 

As always, the cast took to their Bravo blogs, to dish on the latest episode.

"I appreciate Quad's friendship and loyalty through the good, bad, and ugly," Mariah blogged. "I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't hurt Dr. Jackie invited all the ladies to her home except for me and Quad. I suppose Quad's crime is that she's my friend." 


Mariah continued, "And I don't understand why Dr. Simone made a rush to judgment without hearing my side, considering that her very profession has taught her to examine all of the facts before drawing a final conclusion. Not to mention our nine-year family history."

Simone admitted that this isn't the Mariah she knows, adding, "Mariah and Toya seem to have a lot more in common than I realized. Neither is willing to take ownership for their part in the fight and both are sorry about embarrassing their husbands! I definitely think they owed Kari an apology for the fight and I was pleased to see Toya offering hers."

"Despite anyone's beliefs, I AM remorseful and deeply regret how I acted," Mariah added. "As a mother, it's hard at times to remain objective when your child is involved. I think it's hard for anyone without kids to truly understand that when your child hurts, that you do as well. But, I'm not going to let that one incident define me or defeat me."

Married To Medicine Stars Blog About Mariah And Toya Brawl

Once again, Toya denied gossiping about Mariah's daughter, saying, "The blatant lie about me discussing the adoption at a salon is just that, A BLATANT LIE! Please bring forward these people with whom I had this conversation. The FBI couldn't find them with a search warrant signed by the president, because they don't exist. THIS CONVERSATION NEVER HAPPENED!"

As executive producer, Mariah shared her vision for Married to Medicine, citing a desire to show a different side of life in Atlanta. "I didn't work on this project for the last few years to create another reality show based on negative stereotypes. Although I am one of the producers, I don't make the final decision on creative content, contrary to popular opinion. But never doubt that I'm behind the scenes trying to portray Atlanta women in a positive light. Southern women may occasionally stumble, but rest assured that we know how to pick ourselves up and RISE!"

Tonight on Married to Medicine, Toya disinvites Mariah and her family from her Spookey Ookey party, though the ladies later come face to face at Quad's Puppies in Paris get-together.

Photo credit: Bravo