Married To Medicine’s Kari Wells, Toya Bush-Harris, And Quad Webb-Lunceford Talk Puppies In Paris Drama


From TV to Twitter to Bravo's blogs, the aftermath of Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq's poolside brawl continues to dominate Married to Medcine. This week on Married to Medicine, Toya uninvited Mariah from her Halloween party; however, the ladies later came face to face at Quad Webb-Lunceford's Puppies in Paris event.

Check out this week's blogs from Kari Wells, Quad, and Toya, and let us know what you think! The Queen Bee's blog is nowhere to be found. Color me not surprised. 

Kari admits that she cannot believe what has transpired based solely on gossip, adding, "Most of the time, it is made-up or exaggerated, and I think we can all see the pain and repercussions spreading gossip can have on people and their families." 

"After getting to know Toya, I find it very hard to believe that she would ever gossip about Lauren; she is a mother herself and she was also an adopted by her stepfather," Kari says. "Nonetheless, Mariah believes it, and I am deeply saddened for the pain that this is now causing her. Of course, as a mother, she would want to protect her child, but NOT listening to gossip may have been the best way to do just that, or at least confirming the truth before acting on it."


To protect her own children, Toya chose to rescind Mariah's invitation to her Halloween party. I do not blame her, though I think the party invitation drama could have been handled better, by both adults. It's sad that Mariah's kids suffer in the end. "Parenting means protecting children from witnessing actual arguments, and also managing conflict so that it does not interfere with parenting decisions or with the childrens' ability to enjoy their time and build positive relationships," Toya says. "My effort to manage the conflict is in itself the reason for Mariah's dis-invite to the Harris' Spookie Ookie!"

"When I decided to have children, manage a home, and marry my husband, I decided to be the woman God called me to be," Toya continues. "With that being said, you may have caught me slipping when put in a position to defend myself, but you won't catch me again. At this point, speaking to Mariah is seemingly a challenge that I chose to just avoid. SO NOT INTERESTED!"

Toya goes on to point out that "so not interested" doesn't seem to apply to Mariah, adding, "In every scene Mariah has, she references ME … baking cookies, Toya; planning a dog party, Toya; Mariah in the car with her husband and kids, Toya … It's kinda scary."

Mariah did spend a ridiculous amount of time either talking about or worrying about Toya. "It is very sad that Mariah always thinks that everyone is on a mission to get her – the Queen B this and the Queen B that," Kari says. "In every scene that I watch with her and Quad they spend a large part of their time doing putting other people down in an effort to elevate themselves. It is so rude and so childish."


Kari adds, "I keep hoping for a reprise in their soul-choking bitterness, but sadly it never happens. I think they see it as some kind of game, but they are messing with people's lives. Maybe they do not realize how bad they look? How mean they sound? I think from Mariah's final comment to Toya, she obviously does not. My jaw dropped when Mariah said, 'When have I ever acted up?'" 

My jaw hit the ground too! Ugh. While it's no secret that I do not care for Mariah, I would have given her blog equal attention if she had written one. Personally, I wanted to hear what she has to say about using her daughter, Lauren, as a pawn in her petty game. And, it is a game to Mariah, as she "definitely won this round, just like the last." Her words, not mine. 

Quad uses her blog to bring more attention to Canine Assistants and throw a few jabs Toya's way. "My focus for this week's episode is the Pups in Paris party, which was actually a fundraising event I hosted along with my two baby girls, Khloe and Kar'rie," Quad says. "Keep it moving Mrs. Toya throwing shade calling my babies, dogs. I'm not sure how you treat Bailey, but everyone knows Khloe and Kar'rie are my babies."

Quad continues, "While I was quite the perfect host, I was unsuccessful at getting everyone to make a donation. Tacky T left without making a donation. Not a check, a few dollars, or two pennies! I guess I can't squeeze blood from a turnip after all." That said, Eugene Harris tweeted, "#married2med we wrote a check it was a worthy cause." 

Kari reserves a few extra snide comments for Quad alone, saying, "It was nice to see Quad doing a charity event, since I am a big advocate for giving back, perhaps [Quad’s pups, Khloe and Kar’rie] could forfeit some of their clothing for the charity, as $250 in dog outfits (only to get spanked in) could help a lot of starving dogs." 

"Luckily, I was not invited, nor have never been invited to anything by Quad, although I have invited her to many of my events," Kari shares. "It is such a shame that she is always so rude when she speaks or writes about me, because it makes me not want to invite her to anything, ever again … To criticize my party, my face, my physical appearance, my dress, my choices, and my décor speaks volumes about her intentions and true personality. But, when you are made up to look like a clown, it is easy to act like a fool."


Photo credit: Bravo