Married To Medicine: From Sour Lemons To Sweet Wine?


Last week on Married to Medicine, Dr. Jackie Walters organized a Lemon Squeeze, hoping that Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris would talk through their sour lemons (differences) and make sweet lemonade (peace). That did not happen, of course, and Jackie left the restaurant in tears. 

Jackie blogged about the lemon squeeze, "It usually involves people who have a willing mind and desire to resolve their differences, though tonight, I entered the lion's den with a bunch of Debbie Doubters who felt like my attempt to make peace is already a failure." 

"The mind is a powerful thing so I guess we were already defeated when they entered the door," continued Jackie. "I think there are so many other things these doctors and doctor’s wives could be doing rather than bickering. I tried to maintain my peace and did a lot of deep breathing and allowed the disrespectfulness to roll off my back. Their body language screamed, 'I don’t want to resolve these issues.' Why am I even trying?"


Many viewers took issue with Mariah saying that Jackie cannot understand her pain because she hasn't given birth to a child. Jackie countered, saying that you don't have to necessarily give birth to a child to love a child, to which Mariah said, "That's not the same. You really don't even have a clue. I'm not even being funny." 

Jackie blogged, "This is strange because then every person who has adopted a child or used a surrogate to become a mother wouldn't understand this pain. Where is it written that you have to endure a situation to understand it?" 

"I TOTALLY get that there is pain, but what I don’t get is getting stuck in the middle of pain and allowing it to control me so much that I would actually physically attack another," Jackie wrote. "Some of these ladies sitting here have some form of adoption in their lives and to say that adopted or acquired parenting makes the parent unable to understand — come on give me a break!"

Jackie concluded, "I will close hoping that conflict resolution takes place and we all can learn to get along or move along and stop making others miserable. I will say there is no way I will allow anything said tonight to steal my joy or take my power. So I’ll end by saying, when there is someone in your presence who is really insignificant in your life, we cannot give them power over us to make us unhappy, to steal our joy or to act in a way that is unbecoming of out of character and who we really are."

Mariah really walked away from the lemon squeeze feeling bitter. "I think next time Jackie tries bringing us together, she should mean that literally," blogged Mariah. "I'm not sure that unity is being promoted when you arrange a gathering that divides the ladies in teams. I can definitely say that it's a problem for one woman to treat her peers as if they're children by scolding their mannerisms and restricting what they can drink."

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Mariah added, "Did I miss the episode where Dr. Jackie, OB/GYN, morphs into Dr. Greg, or better yet Dr. Phil? Maybe she should have started the Lemon Squeeze with the disclaimer: I'm not a real shrink, I just play one on TV."

Going into the lemon squeeze, Mariah expected empathy from her friends once they learned the reason behind the fight. "Once the truth was revealed about what was said regarding my child this evening, after weeks of denials and protestations, I thought the other ladies would show more compassion and understanding," Mariah wrote. "But it didn't happen."

"This wasn't a mockery of women tonight," Mariah remarked. "It was a mockery of basic principles when children are the ones that are ultimately affected. If any adult has nothing better to discuss than someone else's child, perhaps they need to reevaluate themselves and get a life!"

Following the lemon squeeze, Toya blogged, "Mariah is always on the attack, walking in and attacking the host. Of course, still not bringing up her real issue. Then trying to accuse me of spoiling her family secret? Mariah never told me, or anyone else for that matter, that it was a secret and therefore when my husband complimented her husband, he didn't know either." 

"Mariah is out of control thinking the world is out to get her," added Toya. "We seriously are too busy for her ridiculous accusations."

Toya continued, "The bottom line is, Mariah was emotional, acted on her emotions, and believed bull sh-t gossip, because she thought her sister was a good source. Looks like her family was trying to ruin her hubby's birthday after all. Mariah says we were fighting about her child. I was fighting to protect myself from attack, and she was fighting, because she was upset over gossip. Big difference!"

Tonight on Married to Medicine, the MDs and Mrs MDs travel to the Georgia vineyards together. During the trip, Dr. Simone Whitmore reaches out to Mariah for the first time since the fight, and Mariah confronts Toya. Face-to-face arguments and passive aggressive behaviors combined with copious amounts of wine … good times.

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