Nothing gets old when it comes to the folks of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!  Last week, Lil' Scrappy was chasing down his fiance's car, and this week, he's trying to make peace.  K. Michelle throws major shade at Kirk Frost, but she also has bigger fish to fry because her love instruments aren't totally in tune.  These folks never disappoint, y'all…that's for sure!

Even though he and his mom were chasing down Erica Dixon's car to get to her coveted engagement ring, Lil' Scrappy can't be mad at her for long.  He heads to a jewelry store to find an appeasement gift, and Momma Dee joins him to spout off about Erica's disrespect to her.  When she calls her son's fiance a disrespectful bish (repeatedly), Scrappy reminds his mother that Dee doesn't know best.  Scrappy eyes a watch as his mother leaves…perhaps he wasn't looking for a gift for Erica, but rather a surprise for himself.

Joseline Hernandez continues to complain to her booking agent Dawn about her relationship with Stevie J.  Based on his recent interactions with her, Joseline can't figure out which one of the two is more crazy…Stevie for dressing like a poor man's Steve Urkel, or her for inviting him back into her bed.  Should we just consider it to be a tie?


K. Michelle is sporting some Rashidah Ali hair, and she's having a girls' night with Mimi Faust.  She's thrilled the two are over the drama surrounding Rasheeda Frost.  The women are talking about love and lust…specifically the fact that K. Michelle's lady parts aren't responding in the way they should be when confronted with a dude she finds attractive.  That's not good!  Mimi reveals that she understands what it's like to have a new man because she's finally dating again, and it's awesome to be with someone who isn't a weird, belittling rat-like man.  I could have told her that!

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Erica and Scrappy are meeting for dinner to discuss that horrible dinner debacle.  She's not ready to forgive Dee for her years of disrespect, and she's upset with Scrappy for being on his mother's side.  Scrappy is confused…wasn't Erica the one who went off like a mad woman?  Erica won't back down…it was her house and she had every right to be mad.  She wants to cool down on the wedding planning.  Scrappy is floored.  Why can't she focus on them as a couple?  She's known since she started seeing Scrappy how Dee acts.

Traci is getting a tour from Drew of his new sneaker boutique.  He needs her (and her money) to be onboard.  She wants to be able to have a say in hiring the salespeople, but he thinks she's being jealous.  Drew is going to need attractive women working in the store so that they can attract the right buyers.  Traci agrees half-heartedly, and Drew is thrilled that his capital is going to come through for the business…or biz-nigh-ee in Scrappy speak.

Joseline is nervous about meeting up with Stevie, and he's ready to repent.  A happy artist is a profitable artist, so he's ready to give her the contract she's wanted to see.  He's willing to either give her the contract or gift her with an amazing single.  Joseline starts crying because she's so stressed out by their entire relationship.  She has feelings for him, and he's making things so much harder for her.  Stevie is channeling his inner Mr. Rogers, and he promises he's doing everything in his power to make her happy.  He starts promising her expensive dates and gifts, but that isn't what Joseline wants.  She wants him to work on their relationship.  Good luck with that!

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After Erica decides to cool it with the wedding planning, Scrappy hopes to seek the advice of his "happily" married friend Kirk Frost.  Of course, this meeting needs to take place at a strip club.  Kirk is curious about why Scrappy's situation is so dire, and he's not surprised to hear that Dee is playing a hand in the breakdown of their relationship.  I have a hard enough time believing these two guys are having a heart-to-heart, and them throwing dollar bills at the dancers in between their deep convo only makes me more skeptical.

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Not shockingly, Joseline has found herself back in Stevie's bed.  She shares that his pal Benzino has been spreading rumors about having sex with Joseline.  Stevie thinks that his friend is lying because he knows Joseline is always honest with him where their sexuality is concerned.  He wonders if Karlie Redd is just making up gossip to bring them down.

K. Michelle is in the studio, and Kirk enters to confront her about throwing a candle at his wife.  She tries to explain the back story of her relationship with Rasheeda, and Kirk is trying to be as calm as possible.  If you ask me, he's way to calm if he's trying to avenge his wife.  K. Michelle is screaming at him.  She knows that only Cabbage Patch Kids would be frightened by Kirk's antics.  He sulks out of the studio with his tail between his legs as K. Michelle continues to make fun of his sexuality.  She compares him to the preteen jewelry store Claire's Boutique.  Those are some fighting words!

Stevie is upset about hearing that his best friend was with his best girl, so he takes Joseline to go meet Benzino in a parking garage.  What?  Could they not meet for cocktails like the rest of these folks?  Benzino explains that Karlie is probably lying, and he's upset that his friend would think he'd say that about Joseline.  Joseline then brings up some texts/direct Twitter messages that he sent her at 6am.  Benzino starts yelling that he simply had a money making scheme he wanted to share with her.  He's yelling and on the defensive, and I think Benzino doth protest too much.  Joseline stomps off, and Stevie and Benzino continue the argument.  Stevie can't get over the early morning text, and Benzino and his bobblehead promises that he didn't do anything wrong.  Benzino wonders who Joseline thinks she is…Rhionce?  Um, who is that?  RhiannaBeyonce?  Stevie doesn't have time for less than stellar friends, and he leaves a confused Benzino alone in the parking garage.

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After sharing with Mimi her female issues, K. Michelle enlists her friend to join her at the lady doctor.  K. Michelle fills in Mimi on her fight with Kirk.  The doctor reveals that everything is fine with her "hoo-haa" and he doesn't think it's permanently out of order.  Her poor OB-GYN is forced to become her shrink as she shares her fantasy-less, sex-less life.  After she explains that she's be happy to bump with President Obama (I'm sorry, Barack), K. Michelle is incredibly insulted with her doctor prescribes eHarmony for her romance woes.

Traci heads to Drew's house to drop off the investment money, but she's pissed when he won't let her into his house.  Could he have a visitor?  Traci isn't happy about this news, and she goes in search of the random.  Unfortunately for the random, she's sitting in the den, and she gets to hear all the shade that Traci is throwing in her direction.  The girl opens her mouth, but before she can get one word out of her mouth, Traci charges her and Drew carries her outside.  Jealous much?  Drew wonders why Traci is so upset, and Drew tries to explain that they are no longer together as a couple.  My favorite part is that the groupie is watching the entire scene from Drew's balcony.  Traci rips up her check and starts crying as she recalls their son calling her by the name of one of Drew's exes.  He keeps sweet talking her and threatens to go on tour if she doesn't give him the money for the sneaker boutique.

Next week, Benzino confronts Karlie about the Joseline rumors, and Joseline goes off on Karlie about the gossip.  Erica stops wearing her engagement ring, and Rasheeda learns she's pregnant.  Stevie introduces another woman into his mix!


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