Married To Medicine Season Finale Preview: Parties, Drama, And Secrets!


Tonight is the season finale of Married to Medicine

Last week, Kari Wells invited the ladies, Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Jackie Walters, Mariah Huq, and Quad Webb-Lunceford, on a wine tour. The trip ended on a relatively positive note, with Mariah and Toya hugging it out, but there was no shortage of trash talk in the cast's blogs. 

Kari, who organized the trip, shared, "I was glad that I had invited the ladies on the wine tour, but for me it was a very difficult day. I had worked hard to put things together, so that everyone could have a good time and hopefully heal from things. It was a generous invitation and a peace offering. One that I hoped would bring lasting peace."

Quad's "short bus" comment ruined Kari's warm and fuzzy feelings almost instantly. "Quad immediately complained that the bus was too small. I could not believe her rudeness. I guess that for Quad that a 16-passenger party bus with plush leather couches, two full bars, fiber optic lighting, and plasma TVs is not enough for a one-hour journey for six people."


Kari added, "I am still waiting for Quad to spend one cent of her own money. She likes to free ride on my events and then complain about them. Her constant catty comments about me continue to show her bitterness."

During the trip, Mariah finally admitted that she did, in fact, dispute a PayPal payment made to Kari to help pay for Duncan and Aydin's birthday party. Kari wrote that she felt relieved, adding, "I thought I had gone mad with her constantly denying it at the Lemon Squeeze and calling me a liar over and over. Would it have been so hard to admit that initially? It could have saved us a lot of perpetuated drama."

Kari shared, "I tried to be kind to Mariah and Quad, but their constant cattiness and double standards makes it very difficult for me to be around them. If I compliment Jackie it is BS, when Quad compliments Jackie it's healing. Such odd double standards. Her quote "no tea, no shade" is another double standard, as Quad brings up other peoples business all of the time."

"Mariah and Quad ate and drank and spent a lovely day at my invitation," Kari concluded. "They were comfortably chauffeured, so that nobody had to drive. Through it all and at the end of the day, I did not receive one simple thank you. Just a common courtesy, two small words that can mean so much."

Quad's blog is, um, interesting. "Onto the wine trip as the Atlanta Public Schools bus arrives disguised in a black tuxedo #007 #sherlockholmes to take us on our wine excursion. Hmmm, with Kari having so much class and prestige, I was sure she chartered a Learjet. #KnockoffIvankaTrump Kari, I am not sure what you were trying to prove with the Paypal allegations when you know Mariah paid for that party. Girl, the only thing you mastered on this trip is getting us lit like Christmas trees. Everyone outside of Dr. Jackie that is."

Quad went on to knock Jackie for saying a prayer at the start of the trip, adding, "After this prayer, I feel like I’m ready for the Million Woman March with the girls. Oh, but wait a minute, don’t let me speak so fast. Dr. Jackie, I noticed you sent your teacher’s pet Dr. Simone over to sit between Mariah and I as if we were children. #interesting" Maybe because they ACT like children. 

"Tacky Toya made a bit of progress in coming over to talk to Mariah which made Dr. Simone extremely nervous as she commented whoo, if they don’t stop touching," Quad blogged. "I think Dr. Simone thought she was going to have a ringside seat to the Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed or George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali bout #TheRumbleintheJungle #ThrillerInManila But, oh no, ma’am, Dr. Simone no need to clutch your pearls – there will be no more fighting amongst the women of Married to Medicine." 

Quad concluded, "We’ve grown past that. I would have never thought in a million years Toya and Mariah would share a hug after the altercation. There wasn’t a dry eye on the bus #SisterSledge #WeAreFamily #Kleenex #CottonelleTissue All in all, I am happy Mariah and Toya put their issue to rest. We finally can prepare the obituary for Toya’s actions."

The wine trip brought Mariah a sense of relief. "I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted when it was finally acknowledged that the conversations about my daughter had indeed taken place. I was tired of the lying, gossiping, backstabbing, and fighting amongst the ladies. More importantly, I was tired of having the same discussion over and over again in front of the camera." 

"At this point, I'm not sure where things will go with a few of these ladies, but I'm going to forget about all the drama, and put my best foot forward. I’ve decided to forgive, let go, and let God," Mariah added, "Forgiveness doesn’t mean that I'm approving, accepting, dismissing, or condoning what someone else did. For me it means, I am releasing the past so it no longer has control over my thoughts and the way I feel. Instead of trying to change folks, I will learn to see them for who they are and interact with them accordingly. Holding on to grudges and negative energy makes me bitter and angry, and that's not who I am or who I want to be. I am a sassy mother, saucy wife, savvy entrepreneur, and stellar friend."

An observation from Kari: "I am happy to see that Mariah is now having her PR person write all of her blogs. They have been somewhat kinder in the last two weeks, with a lot less put downs. I do hope that continues. Well done, Mariah!" 

Toya kept her blog fairly generic, though she felt the need to share, "I hope that in the coming episodes you will see that the plots/wiles of the devil never have any validity. Look for PROOF, because some of my cast mates love to throw shade."

Season one of Married to Medicine ends tonight, save for the two-part reunion special, and all hell breaks loose on the two-hour season finale. 

Momma Lucy is back, and her negative attitude leads Mariah to wonder if she accepted Toya's apology too easily. Toya throws a launch party for Eugene's new business, and Kari "accidentally" mentions that Mariah and Quad were not invited. Also, Mariah hosts a traditional Deshi dinner, Quad confronts Toya about more beauty shop gossip, and Kari and Toya come across a skeleton in Quad's closet. 


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