Brandi Gianville Equity Awards

A frantic Brandi Glanville took to Twitter last night to ask for help finding her dog Chica who went missing late last night. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star begged her fans for help, "My dog Chica is lost please help! Call me."  She shared a photo of Chica (see below) and then offered up a $10,000 reward to anyone in the area who could find her family pet. 

brandi 1


Brandi shared "[he’s] a little brown Chihuahua mix.  My boys will be devastated."  Chica is the darker brown dog in the back. 

Brandi hasn't posted any updates yet, but we're hoping she was able to find him overnight!  Dogs are like another kid in your family, so I can't even imagine how upset she is. 

UPDATE: Brandi shared that her house was broken into and now people are calling, pretending to have her dog.  So gross and wrong.  She just Tweeted, "My house was broken into one of my dogs is missing people R calling pretending 2 have her. This is devastating will pay money give her back". 



Photo Credit: Twitter and TryCW/

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