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When we left Mob Wives, Ramona Rizzo was preparing to wed her jailed love Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani who is allegedly a member of the famed Gambino crime family.  While the VH1 reality show left us hanging with the pair's nuptials, Ramona is speaking out about how the duo makes it work despite the separation.  And by separation, I mean the plate glass window in the prison.

While the couple has yet to walk down the aisle, Ramona is still full-steam ahead with wedding plans.  Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ramona shares how she is preparing for a life of wedded bliss when the fate of her fiance's future is still unknown.


Ramona tells the site, “It is what it is, right now. I get to visit him once a week for one hour. And we talk numerous times on the phone. You’re allowed 300 minutes a month, so we have to learn how to space it out.  Also, we have computer that we get to do, which is unlimited like that.”

She's quick to say that she's used to these challenges with JoeRamona explains, “I’m closer to him than anybody out on the street, so it doesn’t really matter.  I actually went down this road with him before, when he had a violation. So that’s how our relationship really bonded."

Joe could potentially be sentenced to more than ten years in jail after pleading guilty to drug distribution charges.  Ramona is prepared, admitting, “So it will be longer time, but it’s something I already dealt with before. And once he gets officially sentenced, I’ll have, like, three-hour visits.”

Ramona also takes comfort in the bond that Joe has with her four kids from a previous marriage.  She reveals, “They just took to each other.  There were times when I stayed home, and they all went to the movies.  Besides the fact that the bad thing happened — that he got arrested — everything else fell in place perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better connection for my kids.”  Yeah, but how will that connection flourish when their step-dad is incarcerated?

According to the site, Ramona is still hoping that he will be allowed bail so the two can have a traditional wedding.  However, if that doesn't happen, she's prepared to get married behind bars.  For now, she's in Las Vegas celebrating her bachelorette party.  She isn't complaining.  Ramona says, “I want to do what every girl wants to do. I just want to have fun, get a little pampering done, and when it comes time to party, have a good time and enjoy myself.”

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