First comes reality television love then, comes marriage, then come Christine Boo-tay with a baby carriage!  Well, maybe not in that order…Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi is engaged to cringeworthy househusband Slade Smiley, but could the two have an extra long engagement?

“We might do a baby before a wedding.  I haven’t made that decision yet," the handbag "designer" tells Radar, adding, “I’m struggling because, yes, I really want a baby and right now is good timing to have a baby.  I’m 35, so I definitely need to start thinking about it."

Of course, Gretchen is torn because, well, it gives her more of a story line.  She shares, “But there’s this other side to me that feels like once you have a baby, it’s really hard to go back and plan a wedding."

Gretchen can't wait for fans to see the big proposal.  #Engagement by Bravo, right, y'all?  The reality star reveals, “Slade and I are really just enjoying our engagement right now, so I think that the fans are going to be really excited to see how that all went down.  It was a very special, intimate moment and I put a lot into planning that for him, so I’m excited for the fans to see that.”  Intimate?  With all those cameras?


So far no date has been set for the Rossi-Smiley nuptials (which clearly means no wedding spin-off has yet to be offered).  Gretchen explains, “As far as the wedding goes, I don’t know when that’s going to happen.  We haven’t sat down and picked a wedding date."

For now, Gretchen is content to take her time to get down the aisle.  She admits, "I’m so busy right now with work and my companies that we’re just kind of enjoying being engaged…And look, it took me four years to get engaged. So who knows how long that’s going to take," concluding, "There’s a lot of things you have to think about, so I just haven’t figured it out if the baby or the wedding is coming first.”

Continuing her "chicken or the egg" tour (just substitute which will come first–the wedding or the baby!), Gretchen also chatted with Wet Paint about what is to come with her and the future Mr. Rossi, as well as what fans will see transpire between them during this current season of RHOC.  Check out that interview below!

Are we going to see wedding planning?

This season?  No. Because I just got engaged. It happened towards the end of the season. So you probably won't see wedding planning until another season.

How is that going in real life?

You know what?  We haven't done any of it. Oh, my gosh, we have been so busy with work and the launch of the swim wear line, and my Gretchen Christine handbag and makeup line. We just acquired new Gretchen Christine offices and the film and the warehouse. So we have just been up to our necks busy with work, and I'm traveling almost every week for an appearance and doing something. So I can't complain. Life is fabulous, but very busy.

You sound like a hands on kind of girl.

I am.

Would you let a wedding planner take over?

Oh, gosh, no. I'm horrible. You should have seen me at my first wedding. My wedding planner was like, "This is a joke. What do I do?  I just need to show up.” I am such a hands on person. I know exactly what I want. I know exactly how it's going to happen. I'm going to need the help of a wedding planner because I don't physically have the time to go and do it as much as I would like to, but I definitely am very clear on what my vision is for my day.

What about him?  Does he have an opinion?

Slade, absolutely. He's worse than me.

You're kidding.

No. I swear. He's probably worse than me. No, I'm being facetious a little.

So he has wedding opinions?

Yes. Slade, that's just what I love about him. He definitely knows what he likes, and I love that he's involved. And I love that we together are planning it. It's not just my day. It's his day too. So I love that he's going to be involved and have opinions about what he wants to do.

How do you the middle, where is that give and take?

Oh, I always win. Are you kidding me?  No. The final decision is mine. However, he does get a little bit of an input. Let's put it that way [Laughs].

You all realize that until she actually gets pregnant or they do, in fact, walk down the aisle, Gretchen is going to be talking about this to any media outlet that will listen!


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