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Kris Jenner continues her promotional frenzy for her upcoming talk show. This week the pimpmomager is dishing on her (almost) sons Scott Disick and Kanye West, Kourtney's aversion to marriage, Bruce fleeing to their beach house, how much longer Keeping Up with the Kardashians will roll on and more. 

Kris opened up about Kim and Kanye’s courtship: “There was just a really nice friendship and a bond there for sure. He’s amazing, he’s a really cool guy. He’s a softie.”

Kris has nothing but love for Kanye.  She shares, "He’s just a big teddy bear. We get along really good, but we always have. I’ve known him for a really long time. He’s been a really close friend of the family, 10 years maybe. I met him through the kids. I would talk to him on the phone, lots over the years.”  This must be the "other" Kanye. The one who isn't making angry faces at every photographer and ranting to the public…

Kris confesses that her ringtone created an awkward moment with him, “My ringtone is ‘Gold Digger.’ That’s my secret of the day! The other day the phone rang and he was standing there, and it was like, ‘a Gold Digger!’ I’m just like, ‘This is so embarrassing!’ It was funny.”  Biting.My.Tongue.

On those rumors that Kim will introduce her daughter, North, on the talk show: “I don’t think we’ve made any kind of decision right this second. She’s just over a week old, there’s no plan.  Right now it’s about they’re happy and happy and home and doing fine and resting."

Kris clears up reports (sort of) about hospital staff being required to sign nondisclosure forms.  “No, I don’t think so. We were just out of the way. Totally out of the way.”

Kris admits that Bruce does hide out at their beach house to get some space, but claims he sleeps at home. “We got a place out at the beach for him to get away a little bit because it does get a little congested in my house. [After] 23 years, it’s amazing to have a little bit of space. So it’s kind of fun. He sleeps at home.”

On her feelings about Scott Disick & Lamar Odom: “[Scott] is amazing. We were like oil and water in the beginning. I did not like him.  I just didn’t understand him and now he’s grown up and the minute he had kids, [he became] this amazing dad and he just turned into one of my favorite people. We hang out, just to go hang out. We have like little dates. I think Scott would love to get married. I don’t want to speak for them, but I will, I don’t think Kourtney is as into it as I thought she would be. She’s just sort of a free spirit. And Lamar, oh my God, Lamar Odom, he’s delish!”

On how long Keeping Up with the Kardashians will keep going: "When it doesn’t become fun anymore or when we’re not happy, then you’re like, ‘Maybe it’s time.’ But, we’re having such a good time, all of us. And when we’re not doing it, we miss it.


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