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Now that Joanna Krupa finally convinced Romain Zago to marry her in a million-dollar wedding no less, the Real Housewives of Miami star is working on securing next season's storyline: making babies! 

"I definitely want to," Joanna says of getting pregnant, "but not in the near future. But who knows? Sometimes things happen after too many vodka tonics at Mynt!" 

"If we have a boy, I pray he looks like Romain because he was the cutest little boy," Joanna shares with The Dish. "And I'd want a girl to look like me! But I'd really love to have twins. My dad's a twin and they say it skips a generation. I'd love that. Wham, bam and be done with it!"


"Romain always tells me, 'Oh my lord, when you're pregnant, I'm closing you in a little room for nine months and leaving you there because you'll probably be the biggest bitch on the planet!" Joanna admits, laughing. "At least he's honest! He definitely doesn't hold back—just like I don’t. The things that come out of our mouths, it's like, 'Did we just say that?!" 

Oh, Joanna – you always just said that. This girl has no filter – which is why she's perfect for reality TV. Isn't Joanna already the "biggest bitch" without pregnancy as an excuse? I think Adriana de Moura might think so… 

As for how marriage has changed the happy couple, well they're still not happy! "I want to enjoy our marriage for a little while even though I don't feel anything has changed," Joanna confesses."I thought maybe when we got married, we'd bicker less, but oh no, nothing's changed! We're still the same crazy couple!"

Despite all the bickering, Joanna still says being married is "the happiest moment of my life." The couple is planning a honeymoon in the fall to Positano, Italy or Bora Bora. Probably whichever place Bravo is willing to pay for… 

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