Hollywood Exes Recap: Drea Kelly And Jessica Canseco Face Off


Last week's season two premiere of Hollywood Exes revealed drama between Jessica Canseco and Drea Kelly, the loss of Nicole Murphy's father, and Mayte Garcia's plan to adopt a baby.

This episode, Nicole is with her family in Sacramento. She regrets missing her father's last moments but looks forward to planning a celebration of life in his honor. Nicole spends quality time with her mother, reminiscing about past trips and looking through her father's high school yearbook. Nicole and her mother clearly have a special bond.

Meanwhile, Jessica talks to Mayte about her plan to adopt a baby girl, as it appears to have been a rash decision. Jessica rants about the challenges of being a single mother – can you pay for college, clothes, car? Do you know lunches are $20/day? Do you have help? Somebody has to help you!


Mayte finds Jessica's concern to be a little much, adding to the camera, "Help me?! I'm not asking for help, financially or physically. Weird." Jessica goes on, talking about Mayte's animals and the child's eventual desire for a family environment, and Mayte dismisses the thoughts. She says, "It's happening so smoothly and I cannot deny it," to which Jessica says, "Are you sure? You can't send it back to the pound." Oy. Jessica forever talks way too much.

Drea talks to her assistant, Tony, about what to do for work while her broken foot heals. Tony is like, those are some mighty fine boobies you have, but this bitch needs to get paid. Drea knows, adding that she also needs to pay her nannies and dancers, but I never hear her come up with a solution. Instead, she goes on and on about striving to be more than just R. Kelly's ex-wife… as she stars in a reality show as the once Mrs. R Kelly.

"I want to be a living example for my kids," says Drea. "My kids have to know that this world does not owe you a damn thing because your last name is Kelly. You have to go out there and get it."


Next, Mayte and Drea shop, which leads to a bitch session about Jessica. Of course. Drea takes issue with Jessica questioning Mayte's decision to adopt as a single mother. Drea thinks Jessica needs to focus her attention on her own single mom status, adding, "Check your single mom email!" Mayte adds that she think Jessica came to her solely out of concern, but it's too late, because Drea is already fired up. Drea tells Mayte that she needs to tell Jessica that her "concern" was offensive. I personally think Drea needs to mind her own business.

Nicole, Mom, and brother Nathan drive through their old neighborhood. Nicole shares many fond memories from her childhood. It sounds much like my own. My friends and I would take off on our bikes and be gone from sun up to sun down. Staying in the house was punishment! Nicole adds, "We didn't have much but it didn't feel like we were missing anything. My mom was struggling but we never knew."

Meanwhile, Jessica and Jose share a dinner with Josie for her birthday. Jess takes the opportunity to show off her new clothing line. It's.. um.. interesting. Jessica explains that the clothes are for the Hollywood crowd and $5-9000 a piece, adding, "The clothes are not for people in Oklahoma." Oh and they're mostly see through. Jessica models one gold sheer dress wearing only a black thong, no "nipple stickies" as Josie calls them. Jose likes what he sees. My gut says Brandi Glanville does too.

Next, Sheree Fletcher, Mayte, and Andrea go out to dinner, and it turns into another bitch session about Jessica. Apparently, Jess wrote on Twitter that Drea has fake hair and fake nails. "At the end of the day, I can have fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails, and fake lips, and be the realest women you know," says Drea. "It's not about the esthetics that make you real or fake, it's about your character. I'm real. We know who the fake one is."

Is Drea getting on anyone else's nerves? Just me? Ok – I can live with that.


Anyway, Drea fills them in on the Twitter drama, and Sheree encourages her to address the issues directly with Jessica. Drea says, "I can't see us being friends. You can't offend people but then be offended by their reaction of you offending them," to which Sheree says, "When you care about somebody, you don't pacify and enable, you call them out. You're the one who can speak to her. That'd be a powerful conversation." Drea agrees to talk to Jessica.

Nicole is back in town and in need of some retail therapy with her fellow Exes. Jessica's mere presence annoys Drea. She seriously cannot even say hello without catching some side eye action. So, Drea finally talks to Jessica about the drama, and Jessica blows it off as just one of those things that Jessica does. Then Jessica pretty much guarantees that she'll offend Drea again – sometime soon I'm sure – and that she just needs to call her out on it when it happens. Drea responds, "If you put it out there, you better put your big girl panties on if it comes back."

Jessica asks Drea if she's willing to leave the Twitter drama in the past and move forward. Drea agrees… right after pretty much telling her that she cannot stand her… and right before telling the camera that she doesn't trust Jessica no matter she says to her face. Nicole hopes this is the end of this nonsense. HAHA. Doubt it.

Next, Mayte's lawyer calls, telling her that the baby's birth mother has signed the papers. This means that Mayte can pick up her baby girl the very next day! So exciting! And OMG she needs to shop! In addition to shop, she gives the news to Nelly, who graciously decides to support her daughter's decision. And OMG Mayte needs to shop!!


Photo credit: VH1