Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 2 Recap: Sutton Faces off With Kyle

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 2 recap
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Welcome back. Let’s get right into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion, Part 2 recap. Last week, Kyle and Dorit argued over their friendship, while Crystal and Annemarie continued to feud over Annemarie’s credentials. Here’s everything that you need to know about RHOBH Season 13 Reunion, Part 2.

Did Kathy Hilton come between Kyle and Dorit?

We picked up where we left off last week. Kyle was miffed that Dorit took her sister, Kathy Hilton’s, side at last year’s reunion.

Dorit claimed that she wanted Kathy and Kyle to leave on good terms. And Kathy only wanted to feel heard by Kyle.

Garcelle interjected, asking if Dorit could ever just apologize. I guess not! This feels like one that’ll run for several seasons.

Kyle embraces her sobriety

Kyle didn’t have a drinking problem, but her sobriety has made her feel better. Host Andy Cohen asked Dorit if Morgan Wade influenced Kyle’s decision to stop drinking. Surprisingly, Dorit didn’t think that she influenced Kyle to become sober.

A fan questioned why the group “was insensitive” to Kyle’s decision to be sober. Garcelle explained that everyone was on board with it but would occasionally tease her about not having a drink. As Erika pointed out, she didn’t have a drinking issue, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Dorit added that Kyle underwent a lot of changes, from constantly exercising to getting tattoos. “If I was being reckless, drinking, doing drugs, we could talk,” Kyle responded.

Who said that Sutton had a drinking problem?

Sutton Stracke at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 2
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Sutton hopped into the conversation. She called Kyle “reckless” for saying that she had a problem with alcohol and had a problem with not eating. Kyle denied saying that Sutton had a drinking problem. So, Sutton asked if she mentioned it to the group. According to Sutton, Kyle was dropping “seedlings” about her, including saying that she didn’t eat and only moved her food around her plate.

Kyle asked Sutton what she did to deserve Sutton bringing up her marriage at the weed dinner. Remember how bonkers that dinner party was? Good times!

Sutton countered that it wasn’t a seedling because she didn’t say that Kyle “did anything wrong.” Is seedling the word of the night?

Andy asked Crystal if she felt that Kyle was dropping seedlings. She said that she agreed with Sutton. Apparently, Kyle and Dorit discussing Sutton’s drinking happened more than once.

Kyle added that she never stated that Sutton had a drinking problem. But Sutton had an answer at the ready. She said that those words, “Won’t come out of your mouth cause you’re very smart. You play a good game of chess.”

Kyle demands to know why everyone wanted details about her marriage

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 2 recap
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Kyle shared that her family was struggling at the Eaglewoman retreat. Dorit said that Kyle mentioned that Kyle and her husband Mauricio “had a hard year.” But not that she and her husband were having serious difficulties.

Well, that activated Kyle to a new level. “And what makes you so entitled to think you are owed an explanation of everything that’s going on in my bedroom?” Kyle exclaimed. Mostly because you are on a reality show.

Sutton said that the whole RHOBH cast shared what was happening in their lives, but Kyle disagreed. She accused Sutton of refusing to talk about her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, or her infamous Magic Mike meltdown.

Kyle decided that Sutton was on a mission to come after her this season. Well, I think they both went after each other at times.

Andy circled back around to whether Dorit thought that Sutton had a drinking problem. Dorit said no, then changed her mind to say she didn’t know for sure. “I don’t know if you have a drinking problem either, ‘carcass out,’” Sutton replied.

High drama at the weed dinner

Andy asked if the ladies felt that Denise Richards was mad about the Brandi Glanville hookup rumor instead of the threesome comment. Kyle, Dorit, and Erika agreed that this was the case. That does make sense. Well, more sense than Denise was making that evening.

Sadly, Denise didn’t make an appearance at the reunion. It would have been nice to hear from her; even if it was just over Zoom for five minutes.

Garcelle questioned Dorit’s home invasion

Now it’s Garcelle’s turn in the hot seat for remarking, “The only time I notice jewelry is when after the robbery Dorit still had hers.”

Garcelle stated that she did believe that Dorit was robbed, but some details seemed strange. Garcelle questioned why a robber would leave Dorit’s phone by the gate because she begged to keep it.

Dorit slammed Garcelle for promoting “a false narrative.” Well, the actress stated that she has her opinion, and she can share it. Dorit claimed that Garcelle didn’t care if her comments hurt her.

Finally, Garcelle apologized to Dorit. Thankfully, Dorit was appreciative of the apology.

Dorit drops a marriage bombshell

Andy brought up the rumors that PK and Dorit were separating. Dorit admitted that after they finished filming the show, their marriage worsened. So, PK stayed with Boy George for two weeks in a hotel.

Andy asked how their marriage was going right now. Dorit took a long pause before answering, “Better than ever.” It looks like no one on the couches believes that answer, either. Dorit chalked up their marital problems to PK’s drinking. He has been sober now for 49 days.

Still, Dorit was hurt that Kyle didn’t feel comfortable enough to discuss her marital issues. Kyle told her friend that she was waiting for Dorit to contact her, but off-camera. Burn!

Andy asked the ladies if they felt better about their relationship now. Kyle did, but Dorit didn’t. She felt there were still some issues to resolve.

Why did Erika meet with Tom Girardi’s victims?

Andy asked Erika if she withheld her sympathy for Tom Girardi’s alleged victims so that she wouldn’t “seem complicit.” Erika responded that, when dealing with a legal issue, she was asked not to respond in any way.

The host asked Erika if she could better explain why she met with Tom’s alleged victims. She kept repeating, “I cannot.” She finally shared that she went because her attorneys suggested that she attend.

Kyle and Crystal were confused about why Tom, who has dementia, had been ruled competent for his upcoming trial. Erika believed that being competent “under the law” had a different meaning. Crystal, whose father had Alzheimer’s, didn’t understand how Tom could stand trial. He would be well into the disease by now.

Erika told her that if she thought he “was faking it,” to just say that. Crystal said she didn’t know if Tom was pretending, but she considered it very strange. Of course, Erika was not pleased.

Kathy is in the building!

Kathy Hilton at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 2
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During a break, Andy asked if they were starting with Kathy. Everyone looked surprised. While getting ready, Kathy spilled the tea.

“She doesn’t just jump and make a decision,” Kathy said of Kyle. “This, for sure, I bet she had been thinking, in my feeling, probably the last three or four years.”

Wow. So, there may have been problems for quite a while in Kyle and Mauricio’s union. I bet Kyle and Kathy are having more awkward conversations after that particular scene aired.

Sutton didn’t have fun at Magic Mike

Sutton admitted that she overreacted at the Magic Mike show. She was upset by the simulated oral sex.

Sutton was also upset the day of the show because she found out her ex-husband was moving to London. And he ordered her, and their son, to do the same. Unfortunately, she couldn’t share what happened with Christian with her co-stars.

Sutton finally faced her ex and told him that she, and their son, were not moving to London with him. It was a big step for Sutton and a necessary one.

Kyle is taking a friendship break from Sutton

Kyle, during an Amazon Live, said she was taking some time away from Sutton because of comments that she made in interviews. Kyle was hurt by Sutton dissing their friendship.

Kyle, along with Erika and Dorit, bashed Sutton and Garcelle for asking Kyle about her marriage in her own home. But Sutton once again came after Kyle for insinuating that Sutton had an eating disorder and a drinking problem.

“Kyle, you have been relentlessly mean to me,” Sutton said. When Kyle asked what she was referring to, Sutton responded, “As Denise would say, watch the show.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion concludes with Part 3 on Wednesday, March 13 at 8/7c on Bravo.