Princesses Long Island has been up and down in viewership this season, but Casey Cohen is thinking positive and already looking ahead to season 2. 

The reality star sat down with Stepping Out Magazine for their latest issue to dish on her co-stars, Jewish stereotypes and bringing her father in for season 2.

Although Casey doesn't live at home with her parents since she lives in NYC for her job, the rest of her cast mates do, but she doesn't find it weird at all that they're 30 and living at home. "I don't think it's odd. I think that the girls are fortunate to be under their parents roof, I just know for myself I work all the time where I need my own space and I need to be independent for my own well being."


Casey says that even though her "intervention" with Erica Gimbel didn't go over well, she feels good that she said what she needed to.  "Listen, I said what I needed to say. Maybe there were things that weren't exactly clear, but….you know, I did my best."  She also doesn't feel that Erica's parents are enabling her, "I don't think they're enabling her. She's thirty years old. If she wants to do whatever she wants to do, it's on her."

The reality star says that her dad leaving her mom for another woman still bothers her, but she's not fearful that it will happen to her.  "No, I think it's more of a…I look at it as more of a positive. It's shaped who I am today."

She also hopes that if the show gets the green light for season 2 that her dad will come on and work through their issues on TV.  "I'm working on my relationship with my father now. Hopefully if we have a Season Two I'd love to bring him on. Bethenny Frankel did it with her mother and I think it's really important to show people that you can fix relationships. Family is with you until the end so there's no reason to cut anybody out, but it's a work in progress for me. I look at him a little bit differently because that's not how I would have handled the situation, but he's my father and he's still part of me."

On her current relationship status with Erica: "I'm not her friend. I choose not to be. Just because of circumstances. I do forgive her. In the same respect I don't have friends that treat me or anybody else that way. I've had the same best friends since I was four years old and we're still best friends twenty five years later. I'm very very loyal to my friends and I don't feel the need to have quantity over quality."

On co-star Ashlee White asking guys if they're Jewish right away.  "That's up to Ashlee. She's one of my closest friends. I love her. I think that's something for her to answer."

On being accused of perpetuating Jewish stereotypes on the show:  "I represent myself so the common thread is being Jewish, but at the end of the day we're all "Jewish" in different degrees. That doesn't mean that I'm representing an entire culture. I think if we're getting hate, it's causing controversy, but if you look at in a positive way maybe we're bringing attention to certain issues."


Photo Credit: Stepping Out Magazine

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