On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge revealed a painful secret.  While going through her divorce to high school sweetheart Darren Vieth, she tried to overdose on pills and Nyquil.  Tamra's admission served to explain why she's so closed off and good at deflecting with her over-the-top antics.  After the episode aired, her ex (father of her oldest son Ryan) is coming forward with accusations of cheating and theatrics.  It looks like someone is ready to cash in their fifteen minutes!  To be honest, I'm actually surprised we haven't heard from this dude sooner.

Of course, Tamra isn't one to sit by silently when someone is spreading rumors about her, so she's fighting back the way all good Bravo housewives do.  That's right!  She's calling him out on Twitter.  I have a feeling that Darren is going to be no match for Tamra!

In an interview with Radar Online, Tamra's (first) ex-husband is speaking out over Tamra's accusations that he is partly to blame for what drove her to her first suicide attempt.  Just like Tamra, Darren has a sharp tongue and doesn't hold back, so I can see where the pair possibly butted heads during their young union.  He tells the site, “Tamra is a liar, a cheater and a bad mother to our son, Ryan, and she seemed to enjoy constant drama in her life because it lead to attention,” adding, “Tamra usually never tells the entire story, and this time is no different.”  Wait, what?  Tamra enjoys drama?


Darren says that his young bride moved out after he tracked Tamra down to the home of a man who was nearly twice his size.  He remembers, “I told him I wanted to speak with my wife. He told me, ‘Tough luck, she’s with me now.’  Tamra was standing behind the guy, snickering and laughing at me.”

After the incident, he claims Tamra begged him to take her back.  Darren recalls, “I flat-out refused.  One day Tamra called me and said, ‘If I can’t be with you I’m going to kill myself.’  I tried to talk her out of it, but she said, ‘This is going to be my final goodbye to you,’ then hung up.”

He adds that he shared her threats with authorities who rushed her to the hospital.  Darren further alleges that he had sole custody of Ryan for several years after Tamra dropped off their nine-year-old son with a garbage bag of clothes.  Darren states, “She said to me, ‘Here, you raise him’ and left.”

Darren says that it wasn't until Tamra became serious with husband number two Simon Barney that Ryan went back to live with Tamra.  He explains, “In a heart-to-heart conversation, Simon told me he was going to be in Ryan’s life and would treat and raise him as his own.  I’m still friendly with Simon and will always be indebted to him for taking care of Ryan….But the bottom line is that Tamra will always leave out the parts of a story that paint her in a bad light.”

Not shockingly, Tamra responded on Twitter, writing, "The stories people make up when they are broke. My heart goes out to my ex . His children don't speak to him and his 3rd wife left him."

As if Darren hadn't said enough already, he strikes back on the same site, telling Radar, “I’m not broke and I never asked anyone for any amount of money for a story.  Nor do I want any money.  I would turn down money if it was offered.  I came forward because she blamed me for her suicide attempt — like I’m a bad husband that makes women want to commit suicide."

He continues, “I told her don’t want to be part of her Housewife Hollywood stuff. I never tell anyone she’s my ex wife.  All I want is to have a relationship with my son and she spoiled that.”

 Challenging Tamra to take a lie detector test, Darren asserts, “This is about the truth.  This is my motivation to come forward. She’s not telling the truth."

Addressing his ex-wife through the site, Darren says, “You once told Gretch Rossi, ‘The truth shall set you free.'  So now I challenge you to a polygraph to settle who is telling the truth.”

Darren concludes, “I’m straight, I’ve never cheated and I’m going to sue her for these statements.”

To what statements is he referring?  Check out Tamra's fiery tweets below!






P.S. We know this story is late in coming, but internet nightmares prevented it from posting earlier today. Thanks for your patience!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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