Evicted Big Brother Houseguest Kaitlin Barnaby Talks Regrets And Mean Girls; Insists She’s “Guilty By Association” Only


Big Brother 15's mean girls – Kaitlin Barnaby, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Aaryn Gries – found themselves "on the block" this past week. Kaitlin, a 23-year-old bartender from Minnesota,  was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 9-0-0. Much to her surprise!

Since her eviction, Kaitlin admitted she didn't know Aaryn was campaigning against her,  adding,  "The fact that they kept her instead of me – I hope she finds a way to stay in that house – for karma." 

Also, when it comes to being a mean girl, Kaitlin insisted she's simply "guilty by association" because she was "sweet to everyone."  Is Kaitlin a mean girl or a victim? She wants us to believe it's the latter – you be the judge!


Kaitlin was not expecting to be called a  "mean girl"  during her exit interview with Julie Chen.  "I had a feeling it was coming because of Aaryn," she later told Entertainment Tonight.  "GinaMarie is very catty, but she has a good heart. Us three together shocked me because I was nice to everyone in that house. I was warm-hearted. I wasn't mean to anyone in any way.  Maybe I said a few things behind people's back, but it was never malicious."

Now aware of America's disdain for her two besties, Kaitlin said, "It surprised me with GinaMarie. She's a very fun person, but I clearly don't know how America views her."  Kaitlin was shocked to learn that both GinaMarie and Aaryn have lost their jobs since entering the Big Brother house

"A lot of the things said in the house weren't said in front of me,"  continued Kaitlin. "They knew I would shut down inappropriate language used in front of me. I don't know. I'm shocked and surprised that it's even in their personalities. It's hard to learn something like that about people you're close to."

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Kaitlin was very much present for a lot of the hate talk. Some of it even came out of her own mouth. Called out, she said, "I didn’t want to step on any toes. There were times when I stuck up for things. I think they should have known what they were saying was mean. It sucks that I’m connected, but I really didn’t say anything horrible. I’m an awkward person so I awkwardly laugh through it."

"I'm guilty by association with America, and it's the same reason I was voted out of the house," continued Kaitlin. "Coming into the house is so hard, you never know who is going to end up in power or be strong — if anything, I wish I stayed more neutral and not aligned with Jeremy McGuire and Aaryn, two very aggressive people. I feel like that's where I went wrong!"

Does Kaitlin forget once saying that "gays" were "untrustworthy" in the game? Yup. Kaitlin said she doesn't remember saying that, adding, "It must have been something in terms of game play, because I stood up for Andy Herren, more or less, when derogatory terms were being thrown around about gay people."

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Kaitlin even told Julie that Andy's vote [to evict her] hurt the most.  "After Jeremy left, I felt vulnerable, but Andy had my back," she explained. "There were times we sat there and cried and said we had each other's backs, so I'm hurt he didn't vote to keep me. I love Andy … even though he hurt me." 

Looking back, Kaitlin said she regrets her speedy alliance with Jeremy and Aaryn, adding that she should have aligned with Elissa Slater, Andy, Helen Kim, and Candice Stewart instead.  When asked who she'd like to see win Big Brother 15,  Kaitlin told THR, "I hope that Helen or McCrae Olson go all the way. I hope Helen wins it over McCrae."

I'm definitely not upset that Kaitlin was evicted –  and I totally believe it was the better, more strategic move for the hamsters to make – but I wish it would have been either Aaryn or GinaMarie. I live for the day those two have to face the consequences of their hate.  As of right now, I'm rooting for Jessie Kowalski, Judd Daughtery, and Howard Overby. I cannot stand Elissa!!


Photo credit: CBS