Big Brother 15 Double Eviction; Plus, Big Rich Texas Star Bonnie Blossman And Julie Chen React To Aaryn Gries’ Exit Interview!


Big Brother 15's second double eviction episode is tonight! Going into the first eviction, we have misogynist, nomination couch potato Spencer Clawson and racist, perpetual victim Amanda Zuckerman on the block.

I desperately need for Amanda to be the first houseguest voted out of the Big Brother house tonight. It will make perfect sense and be a glorious sight!

That said, a lot has happened in the Big Brother house since early Tuesday morning – an unlikely partnership and an explosive fight – that could influence tonight's votes. Expect diary room manipulation the unexpected!


Last week, Big Brother 15 fans celebrated the eviction of Aaryn Gries. Then, we cheered louder when Julie Chen blindsided Aaryn with a tough (-er than normal) exit interview. Aaryn's mother didn't appreciate the interview, of course, but the vast majority of Big Brother fans did. 

Aaryn blamed the state of Texas for her ignorance. Yes, really.

Big Rich Texas star Bonnie Blossman did NOT appreciate Aaryn's words. (BB and BRT in one post!  Have I died and gone to heaven?) Bonnie tweeted, "Really, Aaryn?  Don't throw Texas under the bus!!!  We do NOT all think and talk that way!!! In fact, nobody I know DOES!"

"This type of behavior is not tolerated by anybody that I know, and I was born and raised in Texas," continued Bonnie. "I was embarrassed that Aaryn brought such negative attention to one of the most friendly, welcoming states in the United States. We can't ignore behavior like that or she won't learn."

Julie talked to David Letterman about Aaryn:

As I've said before – my gut tells me that CBS has already decided that Aaryn shall be the poster child for everything that went wrong with Big Brother 15. I despise Aaryn, however, it's not fair for her to take all the heat.

I'll be sorely disappointed if Julie doesn't call out Amanda, GinaMarie, and Spencer for their racist and/or homophobic comments. Also Amanda for being a batshit crazy bully!

This video clip (combined with previous video clip) clearly proves that Amanda (who is likely to face Julie in a few short hours) is just as horrible – if not worse – as Aaryn. (not suitable for work or children) Night before Aaryn's eviction:

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​Photo credit: CBS