Million Dollar Listing LA’s Josh Altman Is Engaged To Heather Bilyeu; Hints At Drama To Come This Season!

Heather Bilyeu and Josh Altman

The girl who started out as Madison Hildebrand's assistant is now Josh Altman's fiance.

In the previews for Million Dollar Listing: LA, Josh is hinting that he may want to marry longtime love (like two season's worth!) Heather Bilyeu and I suppose the cat is out of the bag, cause he proposed!

E! News reports that Josh popped the question two months ago and the couple is thrilled to be planning a wedding.

Despite the secret proposal being leaked, Josh is still playing coy about the status of his relationship to Heather. "You will see more of our relationship develop this season," Josh hints to Wetpaint. And he's not alone!  "All three of us, in fact, are in romantic relationships, and they’ll play a big role in our storylines," he adds.


Josh says that his brother and business partner Matt will also be featured more prominently. And viewers can expect a more uplifting and exciting season now that the market is in an upswing! No more struggling, the boys are making bank. 

"Two seasons ago, when I started, it was a really tough market, now things are much better," Josh explains. "You’ll see me break some records on camera, which was exciting for me."

And with more money, comes of course, more problems! Especially on a reality television show. "You’ll see me spar with my castmates," Josh teases. "We all still don’t like each other, so that’s always good for some drama."

Josh maintains that the drama while intense, is definitely not staged. Uh-huh! "All of it would happen regardless of the cameras," Josh insists. "The show tapes for an entire year and when you have cameras following you around that much, they’re going to get a ton of material."

And naturally Josh credits the real estate market for providing most of the drama. "Because the market is in a super competitive place right now, they caught us crossing paths a lot. You’re definitely going to see some fireworks! The dynamics between us, it’s just wild."

Million Dollar Listing: LA premieres next week!

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