Is Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Brooks Ayers Caught Up In A Murder For Hire Plot?

brooks ayers

And now I've heard everything.  The ridiculously shady law suit between Real Housewives of Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson's vodka partner and Brooks Ayers has now become even shadier, and who'd think that was even possible?  It seems that now Brooks is suing Robert Williamson III (the same guy who is suing him) alleging slander and defamation.  Why?  He's claiming that Robert has been making claims that Brooks had hired a hit man to kill him!  Murder for hire by Bravo!

Radar is reporting that the majority of the debacle went down via text message, and Brooks wants to clear his good (ahem) name.  According to court documents filed in Las Vegas (I thought what happened there stayed there!), Robert and his wife Cate lured Vicki to a hotel room to fill her head with asinine falsehoods about Brooks including that he is a “dangerous guy who has threatened Plaintiff (Williamson) and his wife’s life” and that he “hired a hit man to kill plaintiff.”  Oh, and he had a lot of STDs.  I couldn't make this up if I tried!


Brooks wants damages because he “was publicly vilified and humiliated and has suffered substantial damages in the form of pain, suffering, anguish and lost business opportunities” because of Robert's claims.  Eh, I'm guessing if he lost any business opportunities, it was because he's a douche, but I could be wrong.  

The suit includes alleged texts that Brooks received from another woman who wrote, “OMG what is going on Brooks! We need to talk PLEASE.  Sorry I’m just really scared for my life.”

The same woman allegedly texted him the following day, saying “I called [Robert] on his own bluff!!! He’s not going to contact me. He’s nothing but a liar! Just like he proposed to me and promised he would leave Cate by March!”

Brooks responded, “The BIG deal is that Robert has implicated me/you in a plan to extort/blackmail and/or have him killed. Pretty serious and I’m not taking it lightly," to which the woman answered, “Well it’s obvious that its not true … I guess I’m just confused on everything. Sorry.”

The texts continued, with Brooks explaining, “Well, he provided a supposed text from your phone that came from me. We’ll find out the facts. … So you’re telling me that you never insinuated to Robert that I was contacting you via text that I was encouraging you to extort money from him or we’d have him killed?”

She replied, “No. I told Rob that I felt like he was going to hurt ME!”

Oh. Em. Are. You. Kidding? Gee.  Now you've heard it all too!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]