Teen Mom 3 Series Premiere Recap: Hope For The Best


MTV's Teen Mom series lives on with a new group of young moms.  Teen Mom 3  follows the lives of  Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, and Alex Sekella as they tackle their first year of motherhood. 

The very long and emotional premiere begins with Briana. As you'll recall from 16 and Pregnant, Briana and her sister became pregnant at the same time. Brittany opted to have an abortion; Briana chose motherhood. Sadly, Devoin Austin checked out long before his daughter was born, causing Briana to keep his name off of Nova's birth certificate. 

Now Briana leans on Brittany and Mom for help with Nova.  Over lunch, the girls school Mom on what happens in relationships (Hint: not innocent walks on the beach. Evidence: see Nova.), and Mom sternly tells them NO MORE BOYS!


Next we're reminded that Katie lost out on going away to college with friends when she became pregnant.  Instead, she moved in with her boyfriend, Joey Maes, and enrolled in community college. Now Katie takes online classes and cares for Molli while Joey works nights as a coal miner. Katie also works part time because – SHOCKER! – babies are expensive. 


Moving on, cheerleader Mackenzie and bull rider Josh McKee were forced to change their carefree ways after the birth of their son, Gannon. Josh gave up the rodeo and Mackenzie gave up, um, nagging Josh about the rodeo. 

Now Josh looks for a new job while Mackenzie juggles high school, cheer, Gannon, and an emotionally checked out fiance. Out on a date, Mackenzie asks Josh when he wants to get married, and he mumbles, "I don't care." Josh avoids eye contact as Mackenzie begs him to love her. (I'm really curious to see how these two went from this sad display to married and pregnant again.) 

Most 16 and Pregnant fans remember Alex's somber story because of her drug addicted boyfriend, Matt McCann, and her struggle with placing her daughter for adoption. Alex ultimately chose to raise Arabella. Now, in addition to caring for a baby, she takes high school classes online and works three part time jobs. Fresh out of rehab, Matt moves into Alex's mother's house, with the understanding that he'll remain sober and help around the house. 

Next Briana discusses finances with her mom. She isn't happy that she had to enroll in WIC to help pay for Nova's formula and food.  Mom blames Devoin for not stepping up financially, saying, "That's selfish and not fair – to me, to you, and most importantly to Nova."  Briana vows to get a job to help ease the burden, however, Mom tells her to just worry about school for now. 

Mackenzie reaches out to Josh after their disastrous date.  Her mouth says, "If you don't want to be together, let me know," but her eyes say, "I desperately need for you to tell me you love me!" Josh remains distant and appears to be bothered by Mackenzie's presence. Does he want her to leave? He says he doesn't care and walks away to make a phone call. Mackenzie leaves with Gannon. Oh. My. Meet the new Ryan Edwards


Meanwhile Alex grills Matt about their relationship status the second he comes home from rehab. Well, supposedly fresh out of rehab, but I have a hard time believing he'd just appear at the house, walk in, and pick up Arabella like he simply ducked outside to check the mailbox. Alex's questions make Matt so mad that he drops the baby on her face. Still, Alex keeps on, demanding to know if eight weeks in rehab cured him. "You can't change anything in two months," he says. "I still have the same demons."

Joey picks up Katie from work with a giant dent on the side of the car and a crying Molli. Katie freaks out about her busted up car, which Joey blames on his aunt, but doesn't seem fazed by her hysterical baby.  Katie swears and screams.  Joey swears and blows it off.  Molli stops crying and stares at her foul-mouthed parents.

Next Briana vents to her sister about Devoin. She becomes emotional and wonders if she, too, should have had an abortion.Through her tears, Briana says to Brittany, "Even though you and mom are here, I still feel like I'm alone." Meanwhile Mackenzie pouts about Josh. I try to take her pain seriously, but when asked what she sees in her future, she answers cheerleading. So, um, forgive me if my heart breaks a little more Briana.

Matt is ignoring both Alex and his promise to help around the house. Does this surprise anyone? Alex's mom reminds him that he either pitches in or he leaves. When asked if he understands, Matt mumbles, "Yeah." Alex thinks the convo went well because Matt's "yeah" count was higher than normal. Mom gives it a week.


Still mad about the car situation, Katie leaves her house to get away from Joey. He needs a favor, though, so he calls her phone. Katie complains to her dad, who says, "If he don't want to change, you ain't going to change him." Sound familiar? If Josh is the new Ryan, Joey is the new Addumb Lind. Katie insists that she just wants to hear Joey say that he's sorry.

Mackenzie wonders if she and Josh can still live together despite the fact that he seems to be over their relationship. Is the serious? Elsewhere Josh bitches about Mackenzie's nagging over trivial things like gainful employment. A friend asks Josh if Mackenzie could leave him, to which he says, "Yeah, but I ain't really heart broke." Two seconds later, Josh professes his love to Mackenzie, who squeals with delight.

Next Briana discovers that Devoin is trashing her on Twitter. She prints pages and pages and pages of threatening and hateful tweets. "This is disgusting," says Mom. "He's gotta learn, one way or another, that you don't talk like that about your baby's mother." Briana agrees and decides to take Devoin to court.

Joey lies in bed while Katie talks to the police about her car. Meanwhile, Matt nearly drops Arabella again when he falls off a stool, and then Matt and Alex go out on a date. Alex foolishly drives Matt to a shady, drug infested part of town, gives him cash, and lets him out of her sight. Josh seriously comes alive. The guy who could barely manage a "yeah" thirty minutes ago is hooting and hollering and bouncing around the car. Alex screams at Matt when he "loses" $10, adding, "I wish I only had to take care of one child."

To wrap up the first hour of the Teen Mom 3 premiere, Briana heads to court for an order of protection against Devoin. Josh and Mackenzie agree to work on their communication issues. Alex and Katie cuddle their sweet babies with no boyfriend in sight. 


Photo credit: MTV