The Most Despised Big Brother Houseguests of All Time

Adam Jasinski
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What would Big Brother be without a few villains? Each year, a player or players stir up enough trouble in the house to get labeled a villain. Some villains are beloved by fans (see Dr.Will Kirby), while others are not so lucky. Let’s take a look at some of the most despised Big Brother houseguests of all time.

Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 18 & Big Brother 19)

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Fans first met Paul Abrahamian in Big Brother 18. The California native rubbed some fans the wrong way with his aggressive gameplay style and over-the-top personality. However, many fans came to his defense when the jury rewarded Big Brother alum Nicole Franzel with the $500,000 prize over Paul. Fans felt that a bitter jury robbed Paul of a well-deserved win.

The runner-up returned to the Big Brother house the following summer for another chance at the winning title. Once again, Paul made it to the final two but lost to Josh Martinez, the hair care salesman from Miami, after he pissed off most of the jury with his cutthroat gameplay style.

While many fans agreed that Paul deserved to win both of his respective seasons, he isn’t exactly a fan favorite in the Big Brother fanbase.

Shannon Dragoo (Big Brother 2)

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Season 2 houseguest Shannon Drago was just downright unlikable. From body shaming players to cleaning a toilet with a houseguest’s toothbrush, Shannon earned a reputation as a mean girl.

Jackson Michie (Big Brother 21)

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Season 21 winner Jackson Michie is one of the least-liked winners in Big Brother history. The CBS star received backlash from fans for his treatment of other houseguests. Fans felt he was controlling towards other players, especially his showmance Holly Allen. Fans also accused Jackson of targeting the minority players early in the season. He denied the accusation at the finale.

Jack Mathews (Big Brother 21)

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Jack Mathews was Jackson’s other half on Big Brother 21. Similar to Jackson, the fitness trainer received criticism for his treatment of other houseguests. Fans found his behavior in the house condescending and at times, offensive.

Aaryn Gries (Big Brother 15)

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Aaryn Gries is one of the most controversial houseguests of all time. On Big Brother 15, the Texas native found herself in hot water with fans after she made a series of racist and homophobic comments that were captured on the Live Feeds.

Host Julie Chen-Moonves spoke out about Aaryn’s behavior on the CBS show The Talk in 2013, calling the southern belle’s behavior “ignorant” and “immature.”

Fans clearly echoed Julie’s sentiments because when Aaryn was evicted from the Big Brother house, she was greeted with a chorus of boos from fans.

Adam Jasinski (Big Brother 9)

Big Brother
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Adam Jasinski may have saved Jackson from the titled of most unlikable winner of all time. The Season 9 winner was disliked by both his fellow houseguests and fans, mainly due to insensitive comments he made on the show.

Jessie Godderz (Big Brother 10 & Big Brother 11)

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While some fans found Jessie Godderz entertaining, the bodybuilder is mostly remembered for his short temper and narcissistic attitude. His fellow houseguests found his personality off-putting and fans, for the most, agreed.

Jessie returned to the house in later seasons as part of the Pandora’s Box twist. If a player chose to open the box, something terrible would be released into the house. In Season 12, the “terrible thing” was Jessie. I guess even producers see having Jessie in the house as a punishment.

Justin Sebik (Big Brother 2)


We can pretty much guarantee Justin Sebik isn’t any Big Brother fan’s favorite player. The New Jersey native made headlines for an incident on Big Brother 2 that resulted in him being expelled from the game.

During a conversation with houseguest Krista Stegall, Justin pulled a big kitchen knife out of a drawer and held it to Krista’s throat. He asked the houseguest, “Seriously, would you be mad if I killed you?” Producers removed him from the game following the incident.

Prior to his conversation with Krista, the houseguest had already rubbed fans the wrong way with his temper and aggressive gameplay.