Joanna Krupa is easily one of the most controversial characters on Real Housewives of Miami. Helloooo – she slapped someone!

One thing I appreciate about Joanna is her ballsy candor and she really does seem unafraid to put herself out there, lack of sex life and all! In a new interview with A Drink With… blog, Joanna dishes on the show and insists she's exactly how she seems on TV!

"What pisses me off are people who try to pretend like they are so perfect, I’m not going to name names but it’s really annoying," Joanna says. "Just don’t pretend that you are somebody you’re not!" 

One thing she does think was misrepresented about her was that she is an alcoholic. "I don’t have an alcohol problem! Last season was really tough for me because I’m a lightweight," Joanna insists. "After I have one or two drinks if somebody pisses me off I get really verbal." 


"I was put in a situation with women I didn’t like — I won’t say names — and if I had two drinks I was already wasted so I’m sorry. People love to judge and it drives me crazy but for the record I don’t have a f-cking alcohol problem, damn it!" So, what I'm hearing is that Joanna does NOT have an alcohol problem, she's just really skinny and Adriana de Moura drives her to drink. 

Joanna also discusses her relationship with husband Romain Zago – and their sexytimes! Calling their sex life a "work in progress" Joanna says she's glad she shared that embarrassing tidbit with the world. So other sex-starved citizens can know they're not alone, of course! Thank you for considering humanity, Joanna. "I am glad I brought it up. It’s a part of my life and I’m not the type of person to fake [any aspect of] who I am." 

"The interesting part is that a lot of my friends who would never even talk about it before are now like, 'You know what, Joanna? I really don’t have sex as often as I want,' so not everyone is perfect, everyone has their issues yet some people just love to live in their bubble and not talk about it." 

Joanna also reveals she slept with Romain on the first date, or as she puts it "right away!" And he and Marta are getting along better. 

"A lot of times if we’re going through something in our life we will usually wait until we know we are filming [to talk about it]. It’s just easier and more therapeutic for me to wait until we are filming, especially for the serious stuff with Romain like our sex therapy sessions. I think I have more balls on-camera to actually talk about it." 

"When we film morning or bedtime scenes it really is early in the morning or late in the evening but we’ll wake up and be like, 'Wait, hold on! Let me put on my powder!' Or before we go to sleep we play with the producers like, 'No, this is really how I go to bed,' and as soon as we are done we wash our face." 

Joanna says off camera she really is friends with Lea Black, and surprisingly Ana Quincoces. And after a falling out with Lisa Hochstein their friendship is back on track. She says when she runs into Housewives she's not so friendly with, she is always polite! When she's sober. 

"Towards the end of the season Adriana and I came to a peaceful place so there is a better feeling [between us]," Joanna adds. "Now at least if I know I’m going to see her I don’t have that knot in my stomach because that’s the worst feeling ever." 

However she isn't embarrassed about the things she's put on TV. "When I decided to do a reality show I wasn’t going to just pick the good things to show that were happening in my life, I was going to involve everything," Joanna says. "The hard part is reliving it." 

Speaking of reliving your past, last year my favorite Fembot, Lisafiled a lawsuit against one Jessica Lederman, who was posting comments that she was an escort and had been in soft-core porn movies prior to being Mrs. Boob God.

Apparently Jessica was a friend – or at least an acquaintance in some capacity, as Lisa had complained that Jessica's comments were even more disgusting given that she had previously been a guest at some of their parties. What did she receive some bad canapes and decide to seek revenge? Lisa called Jessica's accusations "betrayal" and decided to file suit! Oh my. 

Unfortunately the lawsuit hasn't gone anywhere as Lisa is no longer able to track down the defendant according to Gossip Cop. Miami-Dade police officers and process servers have no luck locating this Jessica since the lawsuit was filed LAST October.

If you recall, Jessica accused Lisa of "turning tricks" in Vegas (Always Vegas with these Housewives!) and having a past in the porno industry. Lisa has copped to posing for Playboy a few times, but now calls the experience "cheesy" and says she regrets it. Yes, now she's moved up to being The Boob God's "greatest creation!" I can't hate, but I am jealous of her perfect hair.

Well tonight is a new episode of RHOM. Joanna, Lisa, and Lea head to LA to plan Joanna's wedding. And everyone else stays home to complain about Lea. You know, the usual! 



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