Kate Gosselin Insists She’s Changed, Explains Why She’s Suing Jon Gosselin


Kate Gosselin, who has a cook book to promote and a lawsuit to milk, is out and about.  Consider yourselves warned.  On the Today show, Kate talked about how much she's changed since Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired, as well as the lawsuit she filed against ex-husband Jon Gosselin. She did it for the kids!

"Life is one humongous learning experience," explained Kate. "As you get older, you do mellow. You do learn what is important. I've learned what to let go, what are real battles, and what are important battles. I do like the me of today a lot more than that really stressed out, sleep deprived, I'm going to go insane any minute Kate." 


Speaking of battles, Kate filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jon last month.  She has accused him of hacking into her personal computer and phone, as well as stealing her hard drive, to gather information for Robert Hoffman's tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World

When asked if the lawsuit is about money or righting wrongs, Kate said, "It's in the middle of litigation, so I cannot say a lot about it, but I can say that when we started investigating the source of what was happening, I made the decision back then to push this."

Jon Gosselin Denies Everything, Wants Lawsuit Thrown Out!

"It's a lot of internet bullying,"  continued Kate.  "Actually, I've lost a lot of employment opportunities over the rumor mill circulating false stuff. The most unexpected and disappointing thing is who was at the center of it. It has to be done for the safety and the future of my kids."

Oh please. It's definitely not the Internet's fault that nobody wants to work with Kate. Karma is a bitch, just like Kate Gosselin. 

Kate might be a changed woman – BWAHAHAHA – but she doesn't have any regrets. About Jon & Kate Plus 8, she said, "Honestly, 100 percent, the kids and I would both tell you it was a great experience. I do not regret anything in my life, and if I could rewind time, I would absolutely do the show again."

Kate's new book, Kate Gosselin's Love Is in the Mix, includes recipes and tips for cooking for a large family. 


Kate on Twitter: "They asked me to take these pics. They are proud of their 'complete book collections' of mommy books all about them!"


Photo credit: ABC/Twitter