VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Is Proud Of Bethenny Frankel; Denies Distancing Herself


Bethenny Frankel is upping the ante as far as guests on her talk show goes. She's graduated from her recent parade of Bravolebrities to the one woman who we have to thank for putting her on the air–Ellen DeGeneres. "Thank" may not be the word you would use, but as far as I'm concerned, Ellen can do no wrong. And who knows, maybe this is just another lesson in random acts of kindness courtesy of Ellen. 

When Ellen appeared via satellite (is that what they still call it?) on bethenny yesterday, Bethenny introduced her by saying, "I am so excited and honored to tell you who my first guest is today. It's a woman who I trust, who I admire, who I love, who I respect. She's the most talented women on the planet in my book and she's the reason that I have a show today. I am so grateful to her, for this opportunity. Please welcome my friend and mentor Ellen DeGeneres."


After Ellen greets her hostess and the audience, Bethenny shares, "I was just telling my audience how much I love you and how amazing you've been to me and a lot of people like to make a lot of comments in the press about different relationships whether it's someone gives someone a show and it's just a business relationship and I try to explain to people that you and I are really friends. We actually go to dinner, I hang out with you and Portia, I've been to your house. I genuinely love you and look up to you and I call you when things are rough or when I need advice and that's just the nature of this relationship."

In response to the rarely seen vulnerable side of the former reality star, Ellen quips, "It is. I mean you have not invited me to your house but I've invited you to mine so that has happened but someday maybe, I don't know." 

When Bethenny retorts, "My ex-husband lives in my house Ellen," the talk show maven becomes serious…and serious in her praise for Bethenny. Ellen was quick to reveal that there is no truth to the whisperings that she is keeping Bethenny at arms' length.

Addressing the gossip, Ellen begins, "Well then I am not going there. Let me say this because I only hear about this stuff I don't really pay attention to what's in the press but I did hear that there was a story that I was distancing myself from you and from the show and I wanted my name off of the show and I think people think, as Andy Cohen said on your show the other day, that there is always a tiny bit of truth to any rumor that you read. There is absolutely not one crumb of truth in that at all.  I am not distancing myself from your show, I love you. I am so proud of you. I am proud to have my name on it and I think that you are amazing and we are friends."

Continuing, Ellen explains, "The only reason we are doing this by satellite is because I am filming here and you're filming in New York and you know that I tried to get you to film in LA, here on the lot, so we would be closer together so I could be there every day if I could but you have your daughter and your daughter is there and you are there with your daughter and I respect that. That is the only reason we are so far apart. I love you and it's ridiculous that people are trying to make stories about this because I think you are doing great…I am just going to compliment you as much as I can right now because I want people to understand you are, there is no one doing what you are doing on television right now."

Ellen concludes, "You really represent women and talk to women and give women advice in a way that nobody is doing and I love listening to your advice.  I don't know what the hell you are talking about most of the time because you know. You are talking about stuff that is necessary and I think the more you get to have this platform and help women and talk about things that you can help them through. It's also a safe place, a lot of women go there and talk to you and reveal things that they wouldn't do on other shows. You can't really talk about what's going on in your life right now and I know that. I know what's really going on and I know that's really hard for you to not share how difficult a time this is for you. That's weird because you do share everything with your audience but you are not allowed to talk about your divorce so I'll just leave it at that."

Hmmm…I take two thing away from this exchange. One, I will always love Ellen (and, dare I say, Bethenny a bit by association?), and two, I find it very interesting how Ellen cryptically says that she knows Bethenny can't talk about her divorce. Does Jason Hoppy have her under some sort of gag order?


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