LuAnn de Lesseps Talks Her Breakup With Jacques Azoulay; Wants To Go On The Bachelor To Find Love Again!

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Poor LuAnn de Lesseps thought she had found true love again with longtime boyfriend Jacques Azoulay. Unfortunately while filming this season's Real Housewives of New York, Jacques and LuAnn decided to call it quits. Isn't that convenient timing! 

LuAnn revealed that the couple's main source of frustration had nothing to do with her onscreen affair with a pirate, but with their inability to have a child. Which is interesting considering LuAnn had her tubes tied, but whatever… Details/schmetails!

Anyway, LuAnn acknowledges that their 10-year age difference was just one of the many things that caused issues in the relationship. "There was a lot of frustration on both ends in that I know that Jacques would love to have a family,” she confesses to RadarOnline.


“And at this point in my life, with my daughter going to college and my son just turned 17, I realized that I’m not ready to start over again," LuAnn explained. "So we decided to mutually separate.”

They are still friends and the breakup was amicable, they still "adore each other" says LuAnn). “We’re friends and we do speak. We’re just on different paths and at different points in our lives and we want different things."

"And so, as tough as it is, we’re both very supportive of each other still,” LuAnn adds. “It’s hard and I like being in a relationship, so I hope Prince Charming is going to come in and sweep me up!" A prince! My, my… 

As for how she's going to find the next Mr. Right, LuAnn is considering reality TV. Hey maybe the eternally unsuccessful Patti Stanger could fix her up. Or she could go on The Bachelor – cause she's totally not 30 years too old for that show or anything?! I mean she's a countess, that makes up for it. 


"Maybe I have to do a new show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to find him," LuAnn suggests. #Delusional “It’s so hard to find someone of great quality." Especially when you're a self-righteous twat. 

Whatever the case, she's definitely not giving up on finding love but she admits that she may need to be more realistic this time. “I hope I’ll go on to meet the right person for me, who already has a family, who is already kind of ‘been there and done that’ and [is] maybe a little bit more age appropriate," LuAnn shares. “Not that Jacques isn’t, but having somebody a little older might be good for me.”

Another thing LuAnn needs is someone with social clout who can keep up with her countess-ness. “I’ve been very lucky to have quality people in my life who are sophisticated, who speak languages, who know how to order wine, who are gentlemen, who are great men, so I know that they exist," and that is what she is looking for in the next guy! “It’s just a matter of not settling for less and finding Mr. Right.”

As for recent rumors that LuAnn has rekindled her relationship with her ex-husband The Count, LuAnn denies this. “We’ve always had a great relationship after our marriage, and we’re the parents to these two beautiful, wonderful kids," LuAnn explains. The couple remains "good friends". 

Personally I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see LuLu on a show like The Bachelor – I mean can you imagine?! It would be television gold.

If they ever do a Bachelor: The Viagra Years: Looking For Love Again series LuAnn, Kris Kardashian-Jenner-Kardashian, Kate "I'm In Love With A Bodyguard" Gosselin, and Vicki "Love Tanked" Gunvalson need to be cast immediately! 

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